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  1. Thanks for the responses. My lens didn't come with a cover, but it sounds like if I can find one that I could put on before handing my camera up to the boat I should be in good shape
  2. Hello there, I did a search for this topic and couldn't find much, so here goes.... I recently purchased a macro diopter with a flip adapter. What is the usual method for attaching and removing the lens? Do you enter/ exit the water with the lens attached, or attach it there? It seems like screwing/ unscrewing the lens in the water could result in it taking a trip to the bottom. Conversely, it seems like handing your rig up to the boat with the lens still attached could result in damage. I'm sure there are different strategies out there, just wondering what people do. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm interested in your arms and clamps.
  4. Can't view the photos. Do you have any to post here?
  5. Just curious what might be out there. Thanks
  6. hello, Is this still available? would you be willing to split it up?
  7. Also interested in this setup. Is it still available?
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