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  1. I suppose I could ship to Europe. As for the shipping cost, I would have to inquire. The price to you would be my actual out-of-pocket expense. The form of payment is unimportant (cash, check, cashiers check, wire transfer) -- but whatever the form, it would have to clear my bank before I will ship. I do not accept PayPal. If you are interested, then I am willing to get a shipping quote from FedEx, in which case, you should provide your shipping address. Also, if you want to take this discussion off line, please provide your email address. thanks, Andy
  2. All of the following gear was purchased new from Backscatter 18 months ago, is little used, and is in like-new condition: Qty 2: Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobes, hardware and diffusers Qty 2: Ultralight 5" Double Ball Arm Qty 2: Ultralight 3" Double Ball Arm Qty 6: Ultralight New Style Clamp (15 degrees side movement) Qty 2: Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cable II M/2 (Medium 18") Qty 2: Panasonic Eneloop Universal Charger w/ 4 AA batteries Qty 1: Panasonic Eneloop AA NiMH Batteries - 8 pack Qty 2: Tenba Camera Bag - BYOB 9 Qty 1: Tenba Accessory Bag - Tool Box 6 All original boxes and literature. The Backscatter quote is included with the photos. The cost new for the above items, excluding the Tenba bags, was $1,870.37. I would like to sell everything together, as a package, and this will be the best deal. I am pricing the entire package at $900, which is less than half of the new price for the hardware, and essentially throwing in the Tenba bags. This price will include FedEx ground shipping within the continental U.S. I think this is a fair deal, so I'm not inclined to negotiate. thanks, Andy
  3. Greetings, This is an initial post to activate account.
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