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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a Nauticam N120 140mm dome. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks! located in the USA
  2. Awesome, thanks I will go ahead and get the utrigger then!
  3. Has anyone tried this? Does this work with Nauticam housings? I'm trying to make a pole-cam rig for my Nikon D4 and Nauticam
  4. Hey everyone. Selling my Zen 170mm Glass Optical Dome. It's current mount is for Nauticam DSLR housing (N120), but I also have a Sea&Sea mount and a Nauticam N120 to N85 adapter (so it can work on mirrorless housing) that I can include if you wish. The dome shows obvious signs of use, but the glass is in pretty good shape. There is a tiny scratch in the center of the dome that is invisible under water (I can't even get it to show in the pictures), and there is a larger scratch off to the side on the edge of the FOV which shows up barely on images but is easily cloned out (looks like a dust spot). There are scratches on the shade as well, pretty standard. Asking $500 shipped CONUS. Located in Maryland, USA
  5. Looking for a 230mm Zen or Nauticam Dome for nauticam dslr housings in good shape. Looking to either purchase or trade for my Zen 170mm dome + cash. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know how to do a pole cam rig with nauticam housings? Specifically, the Nikon D4 and nauticam d4 housing?
  7. price drop for remaining ys-01. $250
  8. 1 strobe sold, asking $275 shipped for the remaining YS-01
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