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  1. Thank you Bill. That is our point entirely. If we were told it would come at the end of 2017 there would have been no issue at all if we knew that in advance. It was the constant, we are shipping, etc...... that just after 4 times just started to not fly with me. rather be upfront.
  2. Stefan, it was not continuous e mails as you state. We sent one each.... which after months of being fobbed off I think is allowed. Retra have definitely alienated me for sure... who am I, nobody in the greater scheme of things. Just a newcomer finding her feet. Allen and Barry, well personally if I were them I would have looked after those two a bit better from a potential business point of view. We didn't harass. All we did was ask When will it actually be delivered..... and month after month we were essentially lied to. I would rather have been told in Feb that delivery would be Oct/Nov that would have been fine. Also the customer relations side has been shocking! We are not trying to achieve anything! I have told Oskar I accept the refund... I honestly don't want to deal with a company that treats its customers like this (we were pretty much the first investors btw) Allen wants the strobes still...so I am fully supporting him that they should supply them. I don't want them! Imagine if something went wrong and you had a customer complaint or they need a repair! If they treat that how they have dealt with the orders Hell no! I am sure they are great, and everyone will love them when they get them. I just am not prepared to be treated in this manner. Gemma Dry
  3. While it is true that Retra are sending an additional 480 Euros, we are actually not gaining anything in this transaction as it is made to sound. The devil's in the detail you see. That 480 Euros is split between 3 people, has to be accepted back into Rand and has been sent via Paypal. In South Africa you can only withdraw from Paypal into one specific bank who take their cut, Paypal take their cut and to add insult to injury the exchange rate offered by First National Bank is always bad. At the end of the day we are still out of pocket after waiting months, and having multiple failed delivery promises.... so in no way are any of us benefitting from this. Frankly it is the least they should do. I would also like to make very clear that in no way has Allen mislead me at all with regard to delivery dates. It is actually the direct conversations I have had with Oskar that have been in my opinion deliberately misleading. For example this.. "All preorders will be shipping at the end of August and most of them should also be delivered until the end of August as they are shipped with DHL Express" Allen didn't tell me that, it came from your own mouth. At the end of September when I had received nothing and heard nothing I contacted you again, and got told I should have subscribed to your newsletter. I then contacted Allen as he had been away as we have been told by Retra it was going to be June, then July, then August and now it was the end of September and really nothing seemed to be happening apart from the same repeated statements that shipping would be happening in the next 2 weeks etc. I think quite understandably all 3 of us are quite upset at the way Retra have handled this situation. The accusation of bullying is simply outrageous. A customer expressing their dissatisfaction does not amount to bullying! Maybe some people have the luxury of being able to spend out a lot of money, and just receive back empty promises for months on end, but in South Africa these are expensive items. A luxury product if you like, and so I do think we are perfectly within our rights to be upset. Allen wrote you a perfectly reasonable e mail which he has posted on the thread above, to which you sent back a link to Wetpixel and a comment about the agony of strobe making. Allen still wants his strobes, and personally I think you should honour your promise to him. Personally I have no interest anymore in dealing with a company that sends me an e mail like this in response to a genuine customer complaint. "We will not be sending your our products, you’ve gotten your money back and more. Go somewhere else where you’ll get the professional treatment you talk about. It’s over. Oskar Zupancic"
  4. Hi I am Gemma from South Africa (originally UK). Quite new to UW photography and enjoying very much
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