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  1. BUMP and i and lowering the price to £145 Great lens and only selling as i now have the Canon 8-15
  2. I bought this Inon z240 strobe last year as a backup/spare but never actually used. It comes with all original box, diffusers, packaging and instructions. Immaculate condition and has never been out it's box since i bought it. Price is £350 GBP + postage Located Glasgow, United Kingdom
  3. I am selling my Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens with Canon mount The lens has had the hood removed in order to gain more useable focal length range when used with a full frame sensor camera, essentially giving you an extra 1mm without vignetting. Can be used on crop sensor or full frame Canon camera's. This lens is well used and shows signs of cosmetic wear and tear but functions perfectly. There is a very small mark on the front glass element but doesn't show in pictures. I'm looking for £170 + postage
  4. Used on my housing one time and then i sold my FL housing so i have no use for this anymore. Basically brand new and comes with O-rings. US $80 + postage
  5. I dived with Scuba Mobile in Playa del Carmen and they were very friendly, helpful and the guide Dario for the Cenotes was knowledgable, slow paced and very understanding with regards to photography. He even modelled for me and let me attach remote lights to him. I dived with other places but found the service at Scuba Mobile was best in my opinion.
  6. Price Drop $750 USD or nearest offer. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the moment.
  7. PRICE DROP to US$800 for everything. Or nearest offer. I will be based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the next month so feel free to come have a look if you are in the area.
  8. PRICE DROP to US$900 for everything. Or nearest offer. I have been as honest as possible in the original post. The cosmetic wear and tear is from general use. Functions perfectly.
  9. PRICE DROP to $950 for everything. Or nearest offer as i just want it all sold as soon as possible. Cheers!
  10. I forgot i also have a 6" Ikelite dome port that i will include for free if purchased as a package.
  11. For sale is my much loved FL Ikelite housing, 8 “ dome port, macro port and port extensions. The reason for sale is I am moving to the Ikelite DL style housing therefore everything for the FL setup is being sold. I use this equipment for work so it has been used but meticulously taken care of. Soaking in fresh water and pressing buttons after every use and then soaking in warm fresh water every couple of weeks. There are some cosmetic blemishes which do not affect the functionality or integrity of the housing whatsoever. The dome shade (just the plastic shade not the dome port) has some small cracks in the plastic which I have glued to prevent cracking further. The tray has the usual scratches and scuffs from resting on surfaces. The rubber handles are slightly worn. The neoprene dome port cover has some wetsuit glue on the seams to hold the stitching together. I have included pictures of all of this. Please let me know if you would like more. Please understand this is a used housing so does have obvious signs of use but it has never been flooded and it functions 100% the same as the day I bought it 2 years ago. Here is a list of parts included and prices (if selling individually) Canon 5d mkiii FL housing - 6871.03 $900 Modular 8" Dome - 5510.45 $200 Port extension - 5510.24 $70 Port extension - 5510.11 (attached to the dome port in pictures) $60 Macro Port - 5505.45 $90 Universal zoom and focus gear for lenses $10 I would prefer to sell as a package so price will be $1150USD if bought together. The lenses I have used with this setup are the Canon 100mm IS macro, Tokina 10-17mm and Canon 16-35mm mkii. You can refer to Ikelite’s port chart on their website to see all compatible lenses. I am currently on Tioman Island, Malaysia but will be travelling to Singapore and then Florida on the 17th of July. Therefor you can collect or I can post to you from any of those locations. I accept PayPal, bank transfer etc… Please let me know if you have any questions. You can also contact me at: GrantJPThomas@gmail.com
  12. I used to own the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 version. If you are going to shoot in low light or night photography then the f3.5 is handy as you can hold the aperture open through the whole focal range length range. If you are using it in an underwater housing be aware that the f3.5 version is slightly larger than the f4-6.5 version.
  13. I often get this with my Tokina Lens. I cut the shade off which exposes the silver reflective metal so i just coloured it black with a permanent marker. This helped however, i do still get reflections if i shoot into the sun or if my strobes are too far forward i.e in front of my handles. Covering the end of the lens with non reflective material would certainly help.
  14. I was only about 10m under the surface. The Mother and calf were resting on the surface in a shallow sandy bay so a perfect opportunity to get a new perspective!
  15. These are a couple of my favourite images i took of this years Humpback Whales in Tonga. If you would like to see some more just head over to my page: www.facebook.com/GrantThomasPhotos/
  16. I would go with the 14-24mm f/2.8g ed as its the wider of the two and will allow you to get closer to your subject giving better colour, contrast, clarity etc. However, i think you should really consider a fisheye for underwater. It's a bit useless topside but i shoot 90% of my wide angle stuff underwater on fish eye. Allows me to get super close and still fit the whole subject in. Good luck!
  17. I don't have any circuitry but just wondering why you want to buy the circuitry separately? If it's water damaged there may be a couple ways to fix it without sending away (depending on how water damaged)
  18. Even though the focal length's of the fisheye will be covered by that of the 11-24mm. The angle of view is far greater on the fish eye lens as it produces a 180 degree angle of view compared to the 120 (roughly) degree angle of view of the 11-24mm.This means when shooting split shots for example you will see more above and below the water line. Also the wide angle of view of the fish eye allows you to get very close and in underwater photography this is extremely important to minimise particles and water between lens and subject therefore maximising detail, clarity and colour. Yes water does have a magnification effect but there is far more complex physics occurring, particularly when using a dome port. Just google 'underwater dome port optics' and you can spend all day reading.
  19. Hi Daniil, If your focus is on taking a lot of split shots then i think you should consider getting a fish eye and combining it with a large dome port (8.5inch or above). The wider the angle of view the better in this instance. The Tokina 10-17mm is a great lens, it is designed for crop sensor but i use it on my 5D and keep it between 15-17mm (you can shave the shade off for an extra 1mm). Otherwise the sigma 15mm, canon 15mm and canon L 8-15mm are all popular fish eye lenses. I use the 16-35mm mkii for underwater and landscapes and it's an amazing lens but not as good as the Tokina for splits. Also the 11-24mm canon lens is quite heavy so maybe something to consider if you are needing manoeuvrability and you cannot mount filters on it. Hope that helps!
  20. Thanks for the advice (Multi tool with me at all times now!) I'm a bit disappointed that after only 1 year i have this issue but im in contact with my supplier at the moment. It would definitely seem to be an internal issue. Liz when you say you can get browning of tubes from too many full power flashes. Is it obvious just by looking from the outside? I Had a look at mine but can't seem to see any glaring discolouration. I do dive in warm water and occasionally will use full power for long periods for wide shots but not too often.
  21. Im glad i came across this topic as I love Instagram as an image sharing platform and now I get to follow some more inspiring photographers on! I specialise in underwater, Ocean and Landscape images. If you would like to take a look at my Instagram just follow the link below. https://www.instagram.com/grantthomasphotography/ OR @GrantThomasPhotography Thanks guys!
  22. I have 2 inon z240's which i bought exactly 1 year ago, brand new. I have a canon 5d mkiii, ikelite housing and so always shoot in manual and with the pre-flash button pushed in on the strobe. Just the other day i was out shooting and noticed that one of my strobes seemed to be stuck on low power and no matter what i changed on the manual power setting it was giving the same low output. I exited the water and had a look at the sync cables and battery compartment for water ingress but nothing at all. I noticed when i switched the strobe setting to S-TTL i could get a full power flash output but when back on manual i could not adjust it again. This is showing the exact same symptoms as when the pre-flash button is not locked in. So onwards to that evening where i do some research online and notice a lot of people getting this same issue and the culprit seems to be the magnet in the pre-flash button corroding therefore not engaging the switch inside the inon strobe unit. I went ahead and removed the button only to notice the magnet is completely intact, not surprising considering it's less than a year old. So the problem must be inside... maybe a sticky or faulty switch... such as you get on a car relay sometimes in which the solution is often to tap it with something. As a last ditch attempt at getting my beloved strobe back to working order i pushed in the Pre-Flash button and tapped the side of the strobe with my multi tool and bingo it's working perfectly again. I presume as long as i don't let the switch out then it should keep the switch engaged and i can continue shooting for now. I am currently working in Tonga and getting things shipped to and from here is extremely impractical therefore i will probably continue using the strobe for now as long as it holds up. However has anyone else had this issue as i can't find anything else online about it.... Any input would be much appreciated!
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