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  1. Yes, we were looking at them in a different order, however, they should have been all on the same day, so I'm not sure why flickr changed them. I certainly appreciate your help, and will be looking at the links when I have time. Thanks!
  2. Why are the tic tac lines the common points to put things? I would think that the eye would be drawn to the center of the picture, why is it not? I didn't word one of the others very well. I didn't mean to ask why the coral wasn't a reef scene. I meant to ask why the lionfish was almost a reef scene while #5 wasn't, as it was closer. On a different note, I was asking why the corals were classified differently. They were all just portraits of coral, nearly identical shots of different ones. Why did you group them under different headings? What changed between them? As for the ambient light, don't give me much credit for that, it was in a controlled area where there was extra light, I just meant that it wasn't due to the flash.
  3. I'm going to try to go through each of these one at a time, because I have a lot of questions. You suggested lightroom, but as you'll find out later, I'm a poor college student. I certainly intend on getting good editing software and a good camera when I can afford it, but for now I'm stuck with the basics. Any suggestions on free software that does a similar job? Also, the only post-picture stuff I did was crop the bamboo shark in the first picture, that's it. How do I learn such softwares? Trial and error? I'm not quite sure that I understand your rule of thumb about the tic tac toe board. Also, in the picture when you suggested that I crop the clowns eye to eliminate the rock, algae, and space, why do those need to be removed? When I took the picture, I felt like if I got too much of the sponge on the right it would make it look crowded and bland. Should I prevent that, and if so, how? I'm confused as to why you classified some of the pictures as you did. You said that most people try for the behavior, ID Pictures, and reef scenes, but then you seemed to imply that they were bad things? I can see how just a basic ID photo could be boring, but you also seemed to lump it with the rest. Also, I'm confused on why 3 is a reef scene while 5 is not? Also, I am confused as to how the corals were classified differently. You mentioned my strobe, and now I'm afraid that I must truly disappoint you. Only three images utilized anything other than ambient light, and that was because of accidents. I don't have a strobe, and I was trying to keep my camera flash off the entire time for the safety of the fish. I took about 100 images total, and only posted those I though stood out. Except for #2, I realize how terrible that was, not sure why I put it up. The 3 that had the flash on was due to the fact that whenever I change shooting modes, the flash gets automatically turned on. I can't quite afford a proper housing or strobe yet, so I'll have to wait on that. I truly appreciate all your help, and I am glad that you took your time to help me.
  4. Well, I tried that, and all I got is this: P1280134 by N Kolonay, on Flickr Did it work at all? It won't let me see. Trying the same thing with a different photo, I still can't tell if it works: P1280099 by N Kolonay, on Flickr
  5. Well, I'm trying to get them on here, but they won't cooperate. I haven't really edited any of my photos, except I cropped one. The program I used to do that was built into the program I used to import the images from my SD card onto my camera. I believe it's called Olympus Viewer or something similar. This is the account I created on the advice of troporobo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/139128673@N08/with/24717420646/ Are you able to see the images there? Also, you can almost fullscreen them by clicking on them. Let me know, Thanks!
  6. So I created a Flickr account and added a few photos. How do I get them here? Link my account or something?
  7. I am incredibly new to underwater photography, and would like any help I can get. Unfortunately it won't let me upload due to file size, but email me at nekolonay@gmail.com and I can send some. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm incredibly new to underwater photography. I'm looking for some critique on photos, and knowledge on how I can make them better. If anyone can help, please let me know! I'm not quite sure how to upload them here, but if you're interested, email me at nekolonay@gmail.com, or tell me how to upload them here! Thanks!
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