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  1. I always am I was competing in swimming when I was little but it's the ocean I'm afraid of haha. I had an incident with a sea creature once and since then I developed a phobia. Swimming is not the problem, it's where I swim that freaks me out It's hard to explain. Do you have any tips for me when I practise in a pool?
  2. Glasseye Snapper - Thanks for the tip on the Red Sea. Just like you said I'd have to wait a few months due to water temperatures. Abu Dabab Diving Lodge is located in Egypt. I'm quite familiar with prices within Europe. For example, I can fly to Marsa Alam for only 70 USD. If I go charter, I can get plane tickets + 7 nights at a 4-star hotel in Makadi Bay for 240 USD (prices will go up later this year) That's a lot cheaper than going to Bahamas, or the Caribbean. To be honest the only reason I have not considered this is because I did not know I could get those water conditions in Egypt. I thought I had to travel outside of Europe. I guess I have to revise this assumption? Did you take that photo in Marsa Alam? What type of camera did you use? Photo quality is excellent My underwater camera is probably not that good but it will suffice for now. tursiops - You can probably get photos like the first example; the second example is much more challenging. What kids post on Instagram is hardly worth a trip half-way round the world. That's weird cause all those pics were taken with a point-and-shoot gopro. No strobe. Thanks for the tip about trying it out at home, I will do that prior to going abroad. Also thanks for the detailed explanation on the technical side of it. lutfu - How is Side, Antalya and Alanya? Tom_Kline - So when you go down for a dive the snorkel fills with water which you then blast out of the tube? Can I get any snorkel or does it have to be some special kind of snorkel? I remember those snorkels we used as kids, they didn't seem advanced in any kind of way. troporobo - That's correct. Trial and error Plus I love to travel. If my photos turn out to be a flop, I can go on a new trip in a couple of months. But I do agree with that preparation is the key. I never said I didn't plan on doing any practice though. elbuzo - I'd love some more info on the DR! Can I PM you? The direct flights from here are to Puerto Plata but I read that local transport is affordable (for example Guaguas charge 100-150 pesos for 1-2h ride and I could get from city to city with Caribe Tours for only 250 pesos, is this correct?).
  3. I'm sorry for yet another stupid question, but speaking of snorkeling, I've seen people snorkeling submerging completely, how can they breathe?! Sample: http://bit.ly/1o4dQ4K & http://bit.ly/1Py1bkQ (by the way, were these shot with some special gear, or with scuba diving equipment?) When I was a kid and we were snorkeling we certainly weren't submerging the end of the snorkel like that. I always thought you had to keep your snorkel close to the surface? Thanks for the help and reality check guys! =) Edit: N/M the question. I read it on Wikihow, apparently there's a technique involved in which you forefully blast the water out of the tube once you resurface after having had your snorkel tube submerged. I have to learn how to do that, since I wont be having any diving certificate by anytime soon. How come the models are not wearing any gear though? Wouldn't they have to re-pose constantly after having resurfaced to breathe?
  4. I didn't say it would be easier, I only meant you don't need extremely expensive equpiment (strobes, artificial lighting, scuba gear). I've seen "kids" on Instagram doing underwater photography with no diving gear whatsoever. The photos are not like the ones I linked to , obviously, but it is a start to something that could grow to become a hobby. I do not expect to achieve such professional results, they were merely a reference so that you can get a rough idea of what type of UWP I'm interested in. As for discussion of ideas and such; one of the photographers says you "shouldn't let equipment stop you from experimenting and trying out new ideas". =) Just to clarify, I would be happy with photos like these (quality-wise): http://bit.ly/1nLssGr & http://bit.ly/1X1ClLR So this is a genuine question which I hope you can help me understand; why would the photographer need scuba equpiment if he/she is shooting close to the surface whilst the model is not wearing any equpiment? Is it to control your buoyancy, or is there any other reason? Sorry for this "noob" question.
  5. Thanks for your replies! I live in the arctic, there is no place here to dive, so I can only do it whilst I'm on holidays. I've never done it before because I am terrified of all creatures living in the ocean, literally terrified! I am trying to overcome this fear. I thought I could use my interest in photography as a motive power to overcome this ridiculous and illogical fear so lets see how that goes. troporobo - Don't excuse your bluntness. I do not expect to achieve those results, they were merely a reference so that you can get a rough idea of what type of UWP I'm interested in. Elena Kalis stays quite close to the surface when she is photographing, so she needs no strobes or artificial light. She also says that you shouldn't let equipment stop you from experimenting and trying out new ideas. =) If I am going abroad, I thought, I might as well go somewhere where I can practice underwater photography. And as to my other thread, yes I do want vacation, but I want to do photography whilst I'm away, rather than attaining a sunburn at the beach or chilling at a resort. When I post my questions in "regular travel forums" people don't quite grasp my inquiry, so they give me tips of crowded tourist beaches. That's why I asked here Elena Kalis shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II (~ 650USD) and a 50mm Canon lens (350 USD) as far as I can remember. I need an underwater housing, or I need an underwater camera. Fofo - Free diving seems to be amazing! I've seen people free dive with killler whales, I almost died of happiness Sucks to be living here where the water is freezing. Doesn't exactly give me loads of opportunities to practise being in the water.
  6. Thanks for the tips! Is it difficult to learn how to snorkel and dive respectively? I'm struggling with getting control of my buoyancy, it's hard to stay underwater as I'm floating up so I only manage to get very few shots at a time.
  7. You dont need to scuba dive to do underwater photography though. The type of photos we are shooting are editorial underwater photos. We're not going to extreme depths. I wouldn't mind diving or snorkeling though, because it would certainly facilitate the process, alas I dont have a diving certificate but I'm not going to let it stop me. I just need help on finding the right spot.
  8. Why would for example Jamaica be more expensive than the Bahamas? I'm not familiar with the Carribean, so there might be something I'm missing completely? If I was to go to Bahamas or Turks and Caicos I would have to, just like you said, fly to another destination and make an additional reservation for a flight to Bahamas with a different agency. Requires extensive planning, scheduling, researching and a significantly larger budget. I might have to spend a night or two in the connecting city. I can get a direct flight to Dominican Rep. for 600 USD. As for Bahamas, it costs 2600 USD, with 2 intermediate landings in London and Miami (British Airways + Iberia + Bahamas Air). I'm flying from any major destination in the Nordics, whereever I can find tickets from (Trondheim originally). Yeah, it sucks to live here! I'm fairly flexible with my destination (after all I am going only for the photoshoots), but unfortunately not completely flexible as I can't stretch my budget and I can't be away for too long either. That's why I inquiried on the listed destinations above, those are the ones I've found that are within my poor budget haha. But as I said, I'm open to suggestion because there might be something I've missed completely. I've thought about doing that, but I haven't researched it. Do you have any recommendations for travel agencies that fly to the Bahamas from Florida? Tickets to Fort Laudersdale are about 735 USD, just checked. Lovely avatar you have there! Did you take that picture? I love dolphins, where is it taken? Lovely, I'll search for flights to Provo from Miami with Delta. On it now! I've never ever been to the States, so if I choose a connecting flight in Miami I'd probably want to hang around for a few days and explore Florida. Any good underwater locations there as well? I heard waters are rather murky though.
  9. Thank you Stoo! Seems like Turks and Caicos is a popular destination. It's a bit weird out travel agencies here don't offer any flights to Turks and Caicos. The closest I can get is Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Curacao, Aruba, Barbados, Puerto Rico & Florida. Tobermory seems cold indeed! We will do model shots so water temperature is also a factor I must take into consideration. That's also why I can't do the shoot at my home base, water here has now even frozen to ice
  10. Thanks Tim! This is the 2nd tip on Turks and Caicos I've received. I'm traveling from the Arctic and I couldn't find any travel agency that offers flights to Grand Turk, so my question is is the conditions a lot different in Turks and Caicos compared to lets say Jamaica and Dominican Republic? I've done some googling but all photos are photoshopped so theres no point in relying on those
  11. I have become very interested in underwater photography after seeing amazingly inspiring photos such as these http://bit.ly/20EO0T5 http://bit.ly/1PPRFFH http://bit.ly/1Pe8MBs http://bit.ly/1KUYPqS http://dailym.ai/1Pe9oHi But I also feel like I've all odds against me. I am very afraid of the open sea, I'm a thalassophobe (though I wouldnt mind encountering a dolphin or a a killer whale, but everything else just freaks me out!), I haven't got any professional underwater gear (I own a go pro and a simple Ricoh waterproof camera), I've never ever tried scuba diving or even snorkeling (even though this is on my bucket list!) & I live in the arctic so I have to spend an enormous sum just to travel to a location to be able to do a photoshoot. Contrary to this, I've made up my mind and I really want to try an underwater photoshoot. I've tried to save money so I can travel to a tropic destination where the conditions for underwater photography are better than poor (haha) and I've tried to study, read, and learn. Do you think there's any possibility for me to achieve somewhat okay photos? Or do I need very expensive and professional gear to achieve images as shown in the sample above? Don't be afraid to totally crush my vision, honest opinions are appreciated!
  12. Hello all! I am searching for a destination that has crystal clear water beaches. I'm planning to do a set of underwater photoshoots, and need some beautiful scenery, but most importantly, very clear water with a good vertical and horizontal visibility (sample photo). I've tried in Bali, but the beaches there disappointed. Due to the high activity the water churned up stuff from below so the water was murky, pretty much all the time. It was impossible to get some good shots. I've seen some beautiful footage from the Bahamas - water appears to be very clear with amazing visibility. Unfortunately, I can't find any reasonably priced tickets, so Bahamas is not an option for me. I've been looking at Cape Verde (n/a) the Azores (n/a) Jamaica (Negril) Dominican Republic (n/a) Thailand (Krabi) Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria) Mexico (Cancun) Any other suggestions are much welcomed! Do you have any recommendations for me based on these criteria? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong locations, for all I know? I am not a diver, I have never even gone snorkeling, so I do not plan to go to deep depths, just enough to get good shots of the model. Likes: crystal clear water, beautiful photgenic beaches, jungles, beautiful scenery, lush green forests.
  13. Hello all, I am totally new to underwater photography. I have been photographing on and off for about ten years, but never underwater. Might be relevant to add that I've a phobia of the sea and all types of sea creatures, so this is an attempt to overcome one of my biggest fears.
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