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  1. Hi, I mean if you add up all costs of a housing, strobes and necessary lenses the difference becomes very small. Not sure about the prices in your country, but here in Europe two strobes, the a7riii body, housing and the 90mm macro including port is a total cost of around €9000. The a7rII is €1000,- cheaper, making it €8000 total, a difference of only around 13%. Which becomes even less if you include domes and wide angle lenses. Once you have a setup you can't easily change body anymore, so I would always choose newer technology so it lasts longer (maybe unless you buy used gear). The a7riii is supposed to be a significant upgrade. Regarding the autofocus of DSLR, here's a nice comparison of the D850 and a7riii, explaining it very well http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/nikon-d850-vs-sony-a7r-iii-underwater-photography I do think the a7riii would give significant higher image quality compared to m43. I'm not really sure about focus speed, but the e-m1ii has pretty good focus. It's also significantly smaller, and cheaper (€5500 for E-m1II, similar setup). You can check my signature for some e-m1ii pics (I'm not really pro though, not diving very often).
  2. I don't have experience with the Sony models, but my guess would be full frame for wide angle and APS-C for macro. If I had to choose again I would probably take the a7rIII, it's supposed to have much better autofocus compared to the a7rii. Also Sony is focusing mostly on full frame nowadays, they are not making any new APS-C lenses anymore. If you compare housing, lens costs etcetera the price difference between the A7rii/A7riii is not that big (unless you buy used gear). Anyway Sony isn't really known for super fast macro focusing, regardless of model. DSLR is still the best for that. Also lenses are quite big and very expensive (and as far as I know no decent fisheye is available for wide angle). If you want to do mostly macro you might want to look at other brands like Olympus which are easyer on the wallet, also the new mirrorless camera's from Nikon/Canon/Panasonic are quite exciting. Interesting times
  3. Thanks, I used the Sola 1200, way to weak for wide angle but OK for macro. Was meant to be my focus light Didn't use it for most of the wide shots, except for the close focus wide angle. Unfortunately you can't get a good white balance for the background when using the light, that's a downside.
  4. Hi everyone, had a great liveaboard on the Samambaia, did the Misool route. Unfortunately my strobe striggers broke so I had to take video for most of the trip. Video was shot on the Em1II, C4k 24p. I used the 30mm macro and 8mm fisheye, I know its not optimal for video but didn't have a choice... Also I'm quite new to editing, it's far from perfect. Feedback would be appreciated, but don't be too hard on me I used custom white balance using a white card, and saved it for later use. Having some problems with youtube, but I think it's related to my computer. Quality is better before uploading, maybe I should choose a higher bitrate? My internet connection is very slow though. Also have some pictures, mostly from Lembeh which I visited before Raja Ampat. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmsnGckU
  5. Be sure to bring enough spares. Product works as advertised but my liveaboard was quite ruined after it went defect.
  6. I ended up buying this product and using it in a trip to Indonesia. While the product initially worked as advertised (tested it at home for a few dives) the build quality is very bad, there's a tiny on/off switch that's hard to use. It looks like it's fully hand-made, some parts are glued together. The connector between the LED unit and the trigger looks very iffy, it was crooked. After a couple days of diving it stopped working during the dive. There was no moisture in the housing and couldn't find a reason for it to stop working. Cleaning the connection/hot shoe didn't help. I opened it and the solder looked very messy, I think there was also some rust. I can't believe you pay several hundreds for a device that's maybe worth 30€ in parts? To make things even worse my Olympus FL-lm3 spare flash also stopped working after a couple of dives. So my expensive liveaboard was basically ruined regarding photography. Hope this helps to inform people buying this product to at least bring several spares, it's frustrating when everything works apart from the trigger!
  7. Hi all, I'm getting quite a lot of backscatter at the side when using the 8mm Olympus fisheye, even when I point the strobes significantly outward, away from the dome. Could my strobe arms be too short? I was using one segment, I believe 8". Also, as I'm using the new Inon z-330, maybe the dome shades will help?
  8. Thanks all, I guess I will look into diopters for the 60mm. I'm still not really sold on bringing the dome, it's really big. I will be bringing a lot of stuff besides diving gear, do I really miss out a lot by not bringing it with me? How useful is the fisheye for mantas?
  9. I'll be travelling to Indonesia for some muck diving in Lembeh, afterwards I have a liveaboard in Raja Ampat (South&north). I'm not really sure what lenses to bring, especially for wide angle. I have: Olympus 30 & 60mm for macro, I will probably bring both. Should I also buy a wet macro diopter for the 60mm? It seems the lens can focus pretty close without one already, does a diopter make a big difference? Olympus 8mm, I really like IQ so will be bringing it most likely I also have the 12-40 and 8-18, and the Nauticam 7" acrylic dome. It's very bulky though, also I think IQ is worse compared to the fisheye. Should I bring it?
  10. Just wondering, do you need to have your mask very close to the viewfinder? Or can you see it from a distance. I like having a little bit of overview of my surroundings.
  11. Both TTL and lowest manual settings produce the same result. These were just test pics in a bath tub, didn't have time to dive with them yet. According to Inon minimal GN is 4(sea&sea YS-01 has 1), if I divide this by 5.6 I get 70cm working distance (above water). Strobes were like 20cm from test subject so the overexposure does make . Things will probably be better when diving in murkier water, increasing F-stop and by moving the strobes a bit further back.
  12. My strobes arrived, did some quick testing. Strobe power is definately better than my YS-01, it just seems a bit too bright at lowest power setting? at 1/250 f5.6 images are a bit overexposed. I know there's a ND filter but using it doesn't really make sense to me.
  13. For sale Ys-01 duo Includes diffuser, neoprene cover and optical cable. Excludes batteries and ball to YS adapting piece Value new is €500+ each including accessories. Asking €300 each, excluding shipping within Europe. Feel free to PM for questions.
  14. Good to hear, I'll soon get my two new 330's. The only thing I'm less happy about is the supposed sequence shooting restriction. Does anyone have experience with this?
  15. So Olympus released a new promising firmware update for the Em1II, which among other things includes a defishing profile for the 8mm pro. Just wondering, would it be usable for video now? Would love it if someone could test it. Regards
  16. Hi all, I'm interested in buying the Turtle trigger for Olympus, does anyone have experience with these? Having TTL and a good recycling time sounds very appealing. Regards
  17. The flash trigger saves both battery power and reduces recycle time of the on-camera flash (especially when shooting in TTL). I do think it also recycles faster compared to internal flash at low manual power but I have not tested that. Unfortunately I already bought the Nauticam trigger, the O-turtle looks promising. Does anyone know if this trigger reduces TTL accuracy?
  18. I'm planning to upgrade from my YS-01 - how would these strobes compare to the new Symbiosis strobe? I like the idea of having a video light and strobe at the same time. Also it seems the Retra has been postponed quite a few times now, when will it finally be released?
  19. I'm interested in the viewfinder, is it still available?
  20. I'm using the 4.33 inch domeport + 20mm extension ring.
  21. Not the best environment to test this lens, but some of mine (view on flickr for a better view): Sepia by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Lobster by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Reefscape Zeelandbrug by Arie de Gier, on Flickr
  22. It's the first time I photograph these so I honestly have no idea. It looks more brownish to me, I have another photograph where it looks more like yellow. Rivierdonderpad by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Some more pictures from last week, including a fish with blue eye reflections and my first ever cuttlefish, this time using the 30mm macro and 8mm Fisheye: Sand Goby (Dikkopje) by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Rough-mantled Doris (Rosse Sterslak) by Arie de Gier, on Flickr (It's eating the barnacles, their only food source) Lobster by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Sepia by Arie de Gier, on Flickr
  23. Don't be so shy, you can always upload some pictures on flickr or another site of your preference. It's also very convenient if you want to show them to your friends or family, on a smartphone. Especially curious about your experience with the 12-40; I'm still in doubt whether I should take it underwater.
  24. So I've been using the EM1II + 60mm macro for 2 dives now, time to share some pics. Overall I'm pretty satisfied. I'm coming from a compact solution (canon s100), framing is quite a challenge with the 60mm but when you get it right this combo really delivers. First 3 are from the Grevelingen (saltwater), last 2 are shot in Vinkeveen, a freshwater lake. Feel free to comment! Sap sucking slug (Groene wierslak) by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Common Spider Crab (Hooiwagenkrab) by Arie de Gier, on Flickr European Flounder (Bot) (?) by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Cottus perifretum (Rivierdonderpad) by Arie de Gier, on Flickr Lobster by Arie de Gier, on Flickr
  25. Great to see a report from a fellow e-m1 II user I've been using it with the 60mm macro for a few dives now, I'm still having some problems in particular with getting used to the 60mm macro, I guess it will become easyer in time. TTL works great for me as well (YS-01), I'm not really happy though about the recycle time, still experimenting if manual is better. Did you use tracking for macro as well? I've been using single point C-AF with the back button focus which works quite well for me as long as I manage to keep it on target - a challenge with the 60mm. I'll try the 30mm macro next week, might work out better in our murky waters. Can't wait to see your pictures!
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