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  1. I am a professional photographer selling my D800/Sea&Sea underwater setup because I recently upgraded to the D850. The setup has been amazing for the past few years and would be a great setup for anyone looking to shoot full frame underwater. It has never flooded and has been used mostly (>95% of the time) in Florida's freshwater springs. Although used, it has been treated with care. There are minor scratches on the dome that do not affect the photos. All you need to get underwater is a lens (I've used a Sigma 15mm fisheye or Nikon 16-35mm). Almost everything on my website was shot with this camera.


    What's included:

    D800 camera body + battery

    MDX800 housing with Nikonos bulkhead connector

    Dome Port 240 (including neoprene cover & rear port cover)

    2 40mm extension rings

    16-35mm zoom gear


    $3200 for everything.


    Ships from Florida, USA.





  2. Asking $1050 USD, which includes:


    Nikon D3100 camera body
    Charger and 2 spare batteries
    Nikon 18-55mm lens
    Ikelite D3100 housing
    Ikelite 6” dome port
    Ikelite 8” dome port with shade and cover
    2.75-in lens extension (needed to use a 10mm fisheye with the 8” port)
    Ikelite to Inon strobe cord
    Ikelite extra lens gears and control tips
    Manuals for camera and housing


    Additional photos of all accessories available by request: jennifer.adler@gmail.com. Here are 2 photos of the housing with 8" dome and 6" dome: http://www.jenniferadlerphotography.com/gear-for-sale.


    A few notes:

    This is a used setup but is in 100% working condition, has no major scratches on either dome port, and has never flooded.

    The safety catch on one of the latches has a broken spring, but I have a brand new latch and will send it along in the package. To be honest, I just never replaced it – I dove with it as is over the past year. The broken spring doesn’t interfere with the opening or closing of the housing (it’s just a redundancy to keep it from opening accidentally). You can either install the new latch or keep it as a backup. You will also have to get a tray (~$100 online).

    I have used the housing in the ocean on only one short trip since I’ve owned it – the rest of the time, I've used it in the freshwater springs. To view sample images, see www.jenniferadlerphotography.com -- all photos on the site were taken with this setup. Please contact me at jennifer.adler@gmail.com for additional information. Ships from Florida, USA. Thanks! Jenny


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