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  1. Hi Giffink, Thank you very much for the link. It impresses me each time from a new how people invest of their time and knowledge to create these posts for the benefit of all. I have also found a link to the subject of High Speed Flash Sync in one of your previous posts - also very educational. Thx!
  2. Hi Rwe, By "shutter speed values where strobe won't sink" you mean that the shutter closes before the strobe flash is over, "thus missing" part of the emitted light? Is there a way of knowing what is this speed for a particular guide number setting of the strobe?
  3. Is it correct to say that manual cranking up the external strobe guide number, physically increases the flashed light intensity, whereas using TTL camera control rules the time of the flash duration, keeping its intensity as per the manual setting?
  4. Thx Hellhole! That actually explains a lot... The TTL is really way too bright. Moreover - i was stupid enough to try and compensate by setting smaller aperture and faster shutter. Obviously that did not work too well since then the camera pushed even more light fighting my compensation. Its really strange, since Sony takes so much pride in their TTL mode, which is not very useful. Will use Manual in the future.
  5. I use Sony Rx100-III inside an Ikelite housing hooked up to two Sea&Sea strobes (Ys-D1 and Ys-D2) via fibers. The camera is set to Manual, with the internal strobe raised, since that's seems the only possible way to use the Rx100-III with external strobes. At TTL setting on the strobes, the camera is supposed to control the amount of light emitted from the strobes, using its light metering sensors. Can somebody please explain how does the camera do that? Since there is no other connection between the camera and the strobes other then the fiber, i guess it is done thru it. Is it by controlling the actual amount of light emitted by the internal flash and running thru the fiber? That does not sound right, since the Ikelite fiber jacks are partially obstructed by the white piece of plastic which is supposed to prevent the light from the internal strobe from reaching the subject... If the camera does not control the strobes, what is the point of using TTL at all? How is it different from Manual?
  6. Hi, I'm Azriel from Israel. Currently using Rx100-III with two Ys-d1 strobes. Trying to improve and learn more...
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