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  1. That first one is a hell of a shot..congrats!
  2. That little camera certainly got my attention too! I am stills only at the moment but I am excited to hear more about this. It looks really interesting...quite a nice package. To be honest, the idea of using tape as a storage method makes me queezy Everytime I actually start to think about video I get stuck right there. It just feels so mechanical & stoneage. I just can't help but remember my commodore vic20 with its tape drive haha in 1981: http://oldcomputers.net/vic20.html Later!
  3. Man, your stuff is just so darn good...I really like how you put it together. I like the flow from title to aerial to boat to water. Great fun to watch, thanks.
  4. Here is what I got: http://www.coogeebayhotel.com.au/liquor_barn.aspx "As the name suggests, The Coogee Bay Hotel Liquor Barn is one of the largest drive thru bottle shop outlets in NSW"...there was also a big picture of you as their star customer. Wow - a "Drive through liquor barn". I'm freakin' moving there! I think I may open a "Dive through liquor barn" right off the beach just for Mike...
  5. Wow, that is so very very wrong. Certainly not - I think its a small price to pay to actually walk the walk and have places that are still worth diving. Not to over generalize, but I have friends who fish and that say that Aussies are particularly vicious when it comes to fishing and especially sharks. Really sad if that extends to the dive operators as well. ...On the other hand the eco friendly sticker makes everything alright!
  6. Hey Matt, Welcome! I am afraid I had never heard of Coogee so I could not resist and had to look up where it was. Other than being near Sydney, this is what Wikipedia had to say: "Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word koojah which means "smelly place", or "stinking seaweed", a reference to the smell of decaying kelp washed up on the beach." So you are "Belching Matt" from "Smelly Place"! RockOn! BTW - thats an awesome shot for your first try from as compact. Nice work
  7. Thanks for the compliments on lighting guys, I feel as though it is one of the most difficult aspect for me to get right so I really appreciate the thoughts. -- 1 YS90 & 1 YS120 spread super duper wide One more thing I wanted to add to this is something I forgot to mention. On our way to Batbitim Island where we were staying and diving, we had the opportunity to travel with Conservation International. We stopped at villages along the way as they are discussing with the people there about protecting the region. The children along the way (even though they live on the water) really had no experience with what it looks like underwater. We realized it would be cool to show them some imagery and start to educate them about the beauty right underneath them. Shawn (shawnh) had some of his cool Bali underwater footage and we pulled out my laptop and put on the DVD and had Anderw Miners translate for us and show them the fish swimming on the reefs. They saw the creatures and were *so* excited. They had seen these fish as they caught them but really don't have masks or anything to know what it actually looks like wild under the water. We decided that next time we would bring along some masks as well as a larger screen and leave them with a really strong impression of what they have and why they should protect it. It was a very exciting and amazing experience seeing how passionate they were. Thanks!
  8. That is awesome stuff. It looks like a blast to photograph and also a super cool event. The lens looks great and I am looking at getting a long topside so thanks for posting... Next time you should get in the water with your housing and photograph the boarders up close with your 10.5! Now that would rock!!
  9. Hey, not sure if it helps, but I use a 17-35 2.8 zoom in that port with an extension. No problem at either end. I guess it depends on exactly where the lens sits - the 17-35 is pretty long.
  10. MOVED FROM " Raja Amphat with Larry Smith and Adventure H2O" Thread in Dive Destinations and Travel Forum: Didn't you hear? The rest of the world has been fished out and trashed... *sigh*
  11. I love it... Any excuse to wear a dive mask...we'll take it! hehe
  12. Well, I am very sorry to hear that, ears are really a tough deal when it comes to diving. On the other hand, I can't wait to find out what kind of housing you need to design for your S50 for Skydiving Good Luck!
  13. Why would you go and do that? Did something go wrong? The F30 couldn't have been *that* bad!
  14. Let anyone on the forum? Heck - just look at who they get as moderators!! The bottom of the barrel is officially scrapped hahaha Seriously Nick - happy happy B day, may you be forever immature -- Justin
  15. Hello, As some of you know, I recently returned from a trip to Raja Ampat Indonesia (seems like quite the busy place these days!). My primary goal was close focus wide angle and capturing the carnival of colors on the reefs. I actually did not even bring a macro kit at all. I pretty much spent the whole time with 10.5 and 15mm lenses. Here are a couple teasers below. You can see a Gallery at Flickr. Or, you can watch the Slideshow at Flickr. Also, we ran into some cool (2 meter) Octopus Mating. Feedback is most appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Cool! I missed this post somehow. I dove there a couple years ago before I had a camera, so its really awesome to see your great pictures. I was just thinking the other day about how I would like to go back and take some shots. Thanks!
  17. Darren, You are way too kind for saying such nice things! WetPixel is for sure comprised of the million small things everyone does for each other. Let's call it the pay it forward mentality. Underwater photography is one of the most rewarding things in my life. Without the folks on this website there is no way I could have learned all the great stuff I have over the last year. All the selfless time and information people share everyday amazes me. Thanks for all the help everyone! What a cool place! Now, that makes me want to go sign up for Eric's new Team Wetpixel subscription program. BTW: If you want to be inspired by some awesome photos, go visit Darren's Site!
  18. Congrats Shawn and it's great to have to here! Although I guess this means we get to listen to you rant about conservation more than ever...
  19. Cool! Those are both awesome links and a lot of fun, thanks! I like his telescope set up in the field with cows
  20. 1 more...here is the similar test, except with temperature, this time starting with the image exposed corrected to a more accurate value. Then I crank down the temp all the way and compare. Again, check out the histogram and the water color. No reason to use JPG unless you really have no choice, although it is nice that Lightroom allows such uniform workflow. Orig: RAW: JPG: Cheers!
  21. (Rats - lost another post to the evil web gods...*sigh*. Here it goes again...) Hello, I thought I would take a shot at this by creating an example and seeing what actually happens. I have been using Lightroom quite a bit and was interested in the results myself. I took a very underexposed RAW image and exported it as JPG and then re-imported it into Lightroom. I then cranked the exposure setting 3.5 stops (overexpose a bunch) to see what the color and histogram responses would look like. The JPG did much better than I would have expected, but still could not hold a candle to the RAW. Here are the results. Check out the histogram and see how the entire left side of the JPG is gone, while the RAW retains quite a bit more information. Also look at the white nasty sky of the JPG vs the blue sky in the RAW. Orig: Raw: JPG: Hope this helps!
  22. Hey, great job Shawn. I love it! With your permission, I have a copy glued to my hard drive to show everybody I run into why they should not eat shark fin in Singapore Thanks, Justin
  23. Fantastic - I am very interested in that configuration. Please let us know how it works for you underwater Thanks
  24. That really is great news about it disappearing - sounds like someone may actually be listening on the other end! Let's hope its not a temporary change. Wow - we may just have the ability to move mountains...keep up the good fight.
  25. Graham, I agree very strongly with the dive fees. Even if the shark license only brings in 30 dollars, the diving from livaboards literally brings in nothing at all right now. On our trip from Sorong to Misool, we rode on board a Conservation International boat and visited villages on the way to discuss this topic with them. CI is looking to put into place economic measures to provide income from the diving that is going on (fee system, livaboard purchase of fresh fruit from local villages, etc.). It sounds like they are going to work hard to bring a fee system into place that works for everybody and actually makes a difference. As you say - if no money is made from the divers, then of course they will turn to other sources of income like logging, fishing, mining, etc. Its up to us divers to make sure we make a positive economic difference and position diving as more valuable than other pursuits. Cheers!
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