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  1. thank you everybody. i'll feel them and let u know. i'll have two buy also 2 strobes. I'm doing macro most of the time but i'll do also nature/ambient in the future. a photo diver suggested me to buy 2 inon z 240/4 ( in t/l mode). but i was looking for powerful strobes in order to use them also when i m not doing macro. what do u think about it? i was reading about subtronic strobes or sea cam strobes. can anyone help me choosing the strobes? thanks
  2. hi. i've just bought a nikon d7200. now i need a housing . i'm looking for the best one available for this model. i want to make a great investment in order not to replace the housing in a short time. could you suggest me which are the best? i was racing about seacam, subal, isotta or nauticam. can you help me choosing between them? thank you
  3. hi everybody. im emanuela from italy. totally new in the uw photo world. have a great day
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