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  1. Congrats on 40 years. I'll be hitting my 42nd year of diving this June. I think I have a Fenzy in my gear storage along with two Aqualung two hose regs. One is still usable. I hope you can get another 40 years of diving in
  2. I've been reading this for a while. Now granted I'm not a deep diver but I use my housing a lot. I had some questions and contacted Jean about it. I'm talking about a used housing I bought (Ok, I'm cheap) and the communications with him were excellent. Aquatica stood behind a product they made a long time ago. Why? I think because the believe in their product and want who ever uses it to have the best they can give. The only other company that gave me better service was Dillon Reloading. Oh yeah I'm going to have to rething my deffination of a remote location Last statement. I don't have anything to do with Aquactica other than useing their gear Stephen Nichols
  3. I have to with the penguins too. Being able to work around them at times give me a soft spot for them Stephen
  4. The water is is - 2 C and the science divers do up to 4 dives a day in these conditions. As I stated earlier the suit of choice is pretty much the DUI TLS350. I guess I should mention that most divers here that I know are using there own suits and not something that is issued.
  5. Sad to say there is. This goes back to when the disposal of materials not needed or wanted was to put it out on the sea ice. When it melted, out of sight out of mind. At least its in a area on the sea floor that is a natural bowl and is contained.
  6. down here the DUI TLS350 is pretty much the suit of choice unless its contaminated water then a Viking suit is used. I use the zip gloves with my suit but others use the SI Tec system. As Paul stated ask four different divings and you'll get four different options.
  7. I believe if you contact one of the administrators they can do it for you Cheers
  8. I'm looking at spending a couple of weeks diving in either Australia or New Zealand when I get off the Ice at the end of the season ( last part of Feb.) Since there is already a good thread started by diver dave 1 on Australia I'll just inquire on New Zealand diving. Thanks
  9. I just heard about a Major 6.3 earthquake hitting Christchurch, New Zealand. There are reports of very heavy damage with fatalities this time compared to the one from 5 months ago. I just left there yesterday and still have a lot of friends leaving the ice still there. I'm praying for their well being and the people of Christchurch.
  10. In the old days I used Dacor regs, then several different Oceanics. Now I use the Sherwood Maximus.
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