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  1. Hi Chris:

      this is the Wetpixel post on how to remove the Inon magnet using a paper clip:

    "On the Inon Z240, D2000 and D180 (and probably other Inon's), the push button assemblies for the light and TTL, located on the strobe's back,  unscrew from it for access to the magnets, without having to open the strobe case.

    For your strobe. two steps are indicated:

    First, reassemble the strobe carefully as the wire solder joints are fragile; make sure the O ring is clean. Test the strobe.

    Second: Remove the magnet as Serge described here in 2011:

    "Push the button in (don't turn it) and push a wire or a pin through the holes on the site to fix it. Than turn out the whole thing anticlockwise. This is by the way also the method to open the light switch button."


    Best of luck!




    Edited December 23, 2019 by Kraken de Mabini "

    1. ChrisRoss


      Great, Thanks, Knew it was around somewhere!

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