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  1. First of all there is several reasons why camera buttons can stick in the housing. One of them is that camera body is different from time of use, specially joystick on D800, 810 and similar Nikon cameras. Its not the same hardness on camera with 5000 shutter count and with 100 000 shutter count. I personally test this and notice this problem and differences in hardness between camera joystick due time of using . We in Subal test every housing with camera inside and adjust every button after assembly. We also have quality control with several checking in pressure chambers as well. Our cameras in company are used only for checking and they are pretty new with very low shutter count and also not many buttons movement. After adjusting and quality control we can't predict does housing will come to someone with camera with 100 000 shutter count or more and in what conditions camera bodes are. This joystick button is very sensitive and every hardwer changing on the camera body can cause sticking, for example rubber base on the bottom of the camera, if its thiner or damaged can cause not proper alignment on the camera tray and after some buttons, specially joystick can stick. Every issue that we found out from customers and they are not many, we try to solve, and we focus seriously on problem. Subal ND800 housing is 5 years old housing and one of the top product with not so many issues and complaining with sticking or else. I personally use it for 2 years with not any problem. But as I mention, issues with sticking can be solved with new lever inside with wider plastic on it and sticking will stop. For frequently used cameras and soft joysticks we made additional levers inside with wider plastic that press joystick with more surface on it. If someone have this kind of problem we can replace this levers inside and sticking will stop. Also we prefer in this situations that housing be adjusted with the camera from user. For all informations contact your local dealer or Subal directly and we will consider and solve the problem.
  2. We recommend servicing every 3 years but as TimG describe, this is directly connected how much often you use the housing and how much you take care after dive. Regular service is changing o-rings and springs, and in every service department they adjust with camera after, that everything work perfect again.
  3. I was using D500 on Cayman Island 3 weeks ago and here is some pics. I use fisheye lens 16mm 2.8D. Camera is absolutely amazing and I love it as I usually not shoot with cropped sensor but this cam I like so much. I use with Subal housing ND500 with TTL inbuilt electronic trigger, small 4" dome port and Sea&Sea strobes YS-D1. More pics
  4. Then he need to measure it with lens and manually put port in front till he not see vignetting. Then measure distance ( that empty space) from housing to the port. this dimension will be dimension of ext ring that he need.
  5. It's Subal zoom gear for 14-24 lens. Its have 80 gears and it's fits for housing and port that have bayonet type 3.
  6. Yes, you need extension ring 13mm to get it in right position for the best resoult.
  7. Mr. Kevin from Reef photo&video with Subal ND5 housing in hand!
  8. Subal announce New housing ND500 for Nikon D500. The developing is finish and its coming soon on market!!!
  9. Subal have double protection, all housing are eloxal and than painted with special colour ( also can be custom colour). Some others manufacturers goes only with eloxal and because of this from salt water thru time goes white and start corrode! Also have all buttons on housing like camera have and its with excellent ergonomic!
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