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  1. While versions III and IV do use a new battery that lasts longer, I think saying that A7II series cameras are only good for one dive is an exaggeration, unless you are using very old and weak batteries. I've been diving with A7II for 4 years now and haven't once got close to exhausting the battery during typical 2 tanks dives. Clearly the III and iV series are better cameras, but I wouldn't write off the II series just yet. Good luck!
  2. Mares has multiple lenses for their X-Vision masks - they are pretty easy to install, you take off the front frame and replace the window. They come with a little pry tool to separate the frame. I use just one, works great for just reading the gauges/computer/camera. They are about $30 per lens I think.
  3. About the difference between 230mm and 180mm - at least in Nauticam's case, the radius of the actual glass sphere is very close, I think it's 120mm for 230mm dome and 110mm for the 180mm dome. So the 180 is almost like a smaller cut of the the same sphere. As such, it's really about how wide the lens is and how the dome is positioned. I haven't noticed much if any difference as far as quality is concerned, but I only use 16-35 f4 and 24-70 f4, plus I mostly shoot my kids and sharks/turtles, where the corners are usually just water, so corner sharpness is irrelevant. This is Sony 24-70 f4 behind the Nauticam 180mm glass dome:
  4. Agree with Tim - 230mm dome is HUGE. Here's a picture of Nauticam's 230mm dome on the NA-A7II to give you an idea. I've since switched to 180mm.
  5. I've used A7II underwater for the last few years and would take it anytime over the a6500. Yes, autofocus is not nearly as good as on the a6500 (my main land camera is A9, so I know the difference), but good enough underwater, especially since I use it for wide angle and at f/8 or smaller. I can't think of a single situation where I wished for faster/better autofocus. But where I think the A7II is a lot better than A6500 as far as underwater photography goes is ambient light photography. The larger sensor lets you shoot at higher ISO and the RAW images allow for more color manipulation in post production. If I were more interested in macro photography and using lights - I would choose the a6500 instead. Smaller camera and housing, and all the advantages of the full frame sensor would become irrelevant.
  6. Selling my Nauticam NA-A7II underwater housing for Sony A7 II, A7R II and A7S II cameras. It's in great condition, around 20 dives. I'll include a spare o-ring and Sea&Sea carry handle. $2,200 plus shipping For $750 extra can include a perfect condition A7II camera with box and all accessories (less than 20K shots on the shutter) + Vello vertical grip and extra batteries. Let me know if interested and I'll post some pictures. Thanks!
  7. Selling my Nauticam 37146 focus gear for Sony Zeiss FE 16-35 f/4. Used only a few times, in like new condition. Retails for $175. Selling mine for $100 + shipping
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