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  1. Want to buy Sea&Sea YS D1 Strobe. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone advise on the benefits of using the YS converter, and is it worth the money. Looking forward to hearing from you.Many thanks.
  3. Hi can you send me some pics of the strobe and fibre optic cables, thanks.
  4. Looking to buy a macro port for 60mm lens for my Sea&Sea rdx 100d housing and the chart says I can use the rdx standard port with the 60mm lens, just wondering which port would be the best choice. Many thanks for any advice.
  5. Hi, would you sell the macro port 52 and port base s separate, if so how much for postage to Canada, postal code V9H1N9. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, just wondering what's the best method of storing my housing between dives? Should I separate after rinsing the port base adapter from the nx port and housing and store in air tight bags, or leave all connected and then lube and inspect o rings before the next dive. I usually dive every other week. Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Interested if still for sale. Pm me back with shipping costs to Canada. Postal code V9H1N9. Thanks.
  8. Anyone using this housing? Would love to get any feedback and photos. Many thanks.
  9. Has anyone used one or got one. I'd love to know how well they work.
  10. Hi, has any one have any experience of this screen magnifier? Looks like it could be a useful device for an old diver like myself. http://www.rgblue.jp/en/products/rmgf/
  11. Hi everyone, just joined wetpixel and want to learn more about underwater photography.
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