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  1. Thanks. It's good to know someone that knows Arraial do Cabo. In fact, the cold water is just on South of Brazil. On the north the water is warm. The best place to dive in Brazil is Fernando de Noronha , an Island. It's a nice place. Best regards
  2. Hello all, Last week happened the UWP Brazilian Championship sponsored by CMAS The competition was in Arraial do Cabo City located at Rio de Janeiro state. It's a very beautiful place with a lot of dive points and for all level of divers ( basic to tech divers ). The winners and Photos can be found on the link bellow. http://www.imagemsub.com.br/resultado.asp?idcamp=52 Best regards Augusto Valente
  3. Hunnn.. so, I have to remove the rubber that I use to do manual focus on 105 VR and put the other that came with F.I.T? That is it? regards
  4. Thanks. Do you know the FIT's website? I'm looking for but I did not found... Regards
  5. HI MariĆ³zi,.. I just bought the new Nikon TC 1.7 and is working very well with the 105VR. I do not know, why Nikon annouced that the AF could not work or am I missing something ? Regards
  6. Hi all. Have you ever seen, or bought, a similar focus gear for Nikon 105 VR called F.I.T.? It's to use on S&S housing. I have a friend that want to buy one of this, but I can't find anything about it. Thanks Augusto Valente
  7. Hi Espen. This protocol button is to be pushed , isn't it? I usually set them on S-ttl or slow ttl. Should I put it on auto? regards Augusto
  8. Hi, I bought the S&S TTL conv III one year ago and on that time I had two YS90 and the TTL was working fine. On june of this year I bought two Z240s and the TTL did not work well with them. My camera is the Nikon D80 on S&S housing. regards
  9. Hi, I did other test last night and now it's working. I realized that the TTL is not as accurate as using S&S strobe. With the Inon I've to compensate to have the best light. regards
  10. Hi ESpen how are you doing? When you and Shanay will come back to Rio? Let me ask a question. I received today my new strobes, two Z-240 type 3 to use with a Nikon D80 on S&S Housing and TTL converter 3. Well, for my surprise the TLL with this setup did not work. Do you thing that can be the same problem of D200? best regards
  11. Hi Guys... I'm not a expertise, but this TTL converter is not able to work just with Sea & Sea strobes? regards
  12. Pat, where did you buy the TTL III converter? I'm looking for it but I'm not finding this converter to buy. regards
  13. Hi Pat, thanks for sharing your information. In case of the "white haze" it usually happens when the picture is overexposed, maybe you have to compensate -1 or -2 points on TTL in order to fix it. regards
  14. Thanks Pat. I'll be waiting for your pictures... regards
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