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  1. Hi Bevan, Great lens! Unfortunately the Nauticam port opening is only 98 mm! It would also need an Extension tube for the optics to work? I think it would probably need a custom port? I did make one a while ago, for someone, EXTRA large! 450 mm diam. with adaptor to take 170 mm filters for Half/half shots! Should be possible to make a more 'normal' diam. if of interest? (without the filter adaptor!) Pete PS I think it would need the lens to be fitted through the front, with the adaptor in place, before fitting the Dome.
  2. Hi Duncan How many do you need? I use both Ike & S&S leads but use 3rd party orings, not had any problems with either cable. PM me if you like Regards Pete
  3. Hi Don, Espen, Not used an SB900 yet, but have been using SB800's for a while with both D200 and now D300. On their own (using 1 only) they work well and have the facility to shoot at any shutter speed! However, trying to get a 2nd SB800 to "listen" to the master unit is not so easy. Something I am working on when the day job allows! Not sure how easy using the SB900 at 200 mm setting would be, as I think it is designed and intended to be mounted on top of the camera? Using flash off camera as we do, aiming may be more of a challenge? As Espen points out they are quite large housings and as such bouyancy may be interesting, not used a Subal (I make my own!) but as the Subal housings are round there will be a fair amount of air space inside, which with some housing systems it might actually help handling? There are a number of manufacturers that have made housings for the SB800 and I suspect now for the SB900, but they are not in common use probably for the reasons above as well as cost and complexity? Hope this helps Best regards Pete Ladell
  4. Hi Daniel, Depends which camera system you are using? Nikon iTTL uses 5 pins as in Nik V, Ikelite. Canon ETTL uses 6 pins as in S6. You may also need a TTL converter either Sea & Sea's own or a 3rd party like the Hienrich. Check your flash manual/S&S website to see if it will do TTL with your camera? If you "only" want manual flash then only 2 pins are needed so any of the connectors should work. Some manufacturers while fitting the right sockets only wire their hot shoe plugs with 2 pins, in which case you would need to go back to your dealer! I think Subal give you the option by moving the plug connection on the circuit board inside the housing. I have seen a Subal for Canon with 3 pin Nikonos sockets, so again would need to go back to dealer. While TTL is nice to have, it doesn't work in all situations. Static subjects are fine but skitish ones will start to move as soon as the preflash is fired (which the camera needs to assess the output) and the milliseconds between is enough to miss the decisive moment Hope this helps? Cheers Pete
  5. Hi Shane, Do you use manual flash, or do you want eTTL? Sorry not very familier with Canon do any of the flash sockets/bulkheads on camera housing or strobes have 6 pins or are they all 5 pin? Pete
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