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  1. Gates Housing for the Sony VX2000 I put about 25 hours on it, filming shipwrecks mostly in the great lakes. It has been stored for the last 7 years in a sealed plastic bin with the housing open and the primary o-rings removed. This is a great housing that has never leaked a drop and easy to operate. Included: - Gates Manuals for the housing and monitor - Screw on diopter lens for the Sony camera - Handles and brackets with ball adapters ready for light attachment - Standard Dome Port - Flat / macro Port I'm keeping the VX2000 so I can playback my tapes. There are several for sale on the internet though. $695.00 US OBO.
  2. Hello: Dan here. Just signing in to Wetpixel for some interesting content reading. I am into the underwater world for 42 years now in 2016. I've done some commercial diving when I was younger, reintroduced to sport diving in the late 80's, have done quite a bit of shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes and produced several videos about them. Then I had another lapse but I'm jumping back in again.
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