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  1. Sorry, correction folks i'm out for the 17th/18th. ----------------------------------------------------------- still room for one more on both days? this is wetsuit diveable, yea? i haven't been up that far before. the website said 50-56 deg....but is that right? that's about water temp here in Norcal! i've got 10mm but if that's not good enough, maybe i'll finally get my act together and get a drysuit. or do quick dives.
  2. SOLD. Thanks for everyone's interest.
  3. Hi all - I'm looking for a used Canon 30D housing in good shape, either the Aquatica or Aquatech. I know, 2 very different housings for 2 very different uses. Right now I'd be happy starting off in either direction. While I hope to will get more bottomtime at depth (Aquatica), the reality is most of my shooting will probably be in pool/shallow environments more often (Aquatech). I've got to do a bit more research, but also interested in various ports. Anyone looking to unload one and upgrade? Feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  4. LOL! I know the feeling rtski! personally i'd hate to be the cause of some domestic violence, so i'm glad you're maintaining self control. of course, if i don't sell this lens soon, i in turn may be the victim of some domestic abuse. anyone else? price reduced to $550. also willing to consider trades for various canon gear. in particular, am looking for a used 30D that's in excellent shape, but if you've got other ideas shoot me a pm.
  5. Olympus Digital 8mm fisheye lens for sale. Pristine condition - shot it once and it's been tucked safely in its box ever since. Comes with lens pouch, both caps, original box and blank warranty card, etc. I bought this with the intention of housing my E-330 but have now been forced to change systems for work. Held onto it thinking I may still get to use it, but alas, it's not to be. $575 obo + shipping. Prefer Paypal, but if you're in the SF area and would like to pickup that's fine too. Shoot me a PM, or email at: naylomo@hotmail.com Thanks! Adam
  6. Last try before this goes to ebay! Open to piecing out: - housing itself - strobe/arm package Or if anyone's interested in *C8080 camera* + full kit, shoot me an offer. Would have liked to hold onto the camera itself (great little machine!), but maybe this'll be more interesting. As always, if you've got other ideas, feel free to make a suggestion.
  7. Let's try to make this a bit more attractive. $800 obo for the package, minus the Stormcase. Don't be afraid to make a reasonable offer as well, if you have other ideas...
  8. Complete rig for C-8080 underwater. This setup was used on less than 20 dives, in excellent condition, never flooded. Includes: 6130.80 Ikelite housing for C8080 4044.00 DS-50 strobe (+ diffuser cap) 4103.51 Digital TTL sync cord 4100.60 EV Manual controller 4086.61 Ball socket arm system 9523.32 Dual handle tray (+ base, quick release) Plus a bunch of spare o-rings for the housing, strobe, sync cord, manual controller, etc. All fits tidy in a Storm Case iM2500 (max size for airline carry-on). Asking $1000 obo, + Paypal and shipping. Prefer to sell as kit. Please PM, or email: naylomo@hotmail.com
  9. hi all, got the C8080, Ike housing, etc. But am lacking a dome port...Anyone looking to unload one that doesn't see much use anymore? thanks in advance, Adam
  10. anyone tried a Tusa Visualator?
  11. guys, thanks for the feedback! (and i apologize for my delayed response). the gel filter would be so much better since i wouldn't have to worry about bumping the port! i got the impression that magic filters work best for tropical blue shooting only. anyone tried one in green waters for the hell of it? maybe what i need to look at is some cc30 magenta filter for fluorescent light?...guess i'll look around.... i'll post again when (or if) i've got some type of workable solution. Best, Adam
  12. thanks everyone for the offers. i've got a housing and strobe coming in the mail! woohoo! if anyone has these parts lying around, i am still looking for a: - dual handle tray - dome port for the Ike 8080 housing - (possibly) a WCON-08D Adam
  13. Been inspired by all the avail. light + filter shots folks are getting. I've got the slightly nutty idea to slap an FL-D filter onto my Oly 8080 (inside an Ikelite housing) and seeing what I can get in green California waters. (obviously with the Ike housing, i'd have to be careful not to zoom the lens all the way and bump the front of the lens port. Have i missed any other important points though?) Would love to hear if anyone else has tried something similar! If not, I'll post when I've had a chance to try it myself too... cheers! Adam
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