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  1. Hello everyone I am looking to progress into underwater photography with my DSLR camera. I live in Cozumel Island, here we have giant reef structures and 100 ft. plus visibility. This are perfect conditions for underwater photography and filming. I actually have a Canon T3I or 600D camera and a pair of gopro's. I would like to hear any recommendations or tips in order to buy my equipment. Should I stay with this camera? Which housing is good for me? Where can I buy it? New or used? I've done some research and this camera is pretty good for beginners, I am really interested in buying a housing for less than 200 ft. depths but they seem to be very expensive. I am and student so my budget is kind of restricted. Also I will be glad to contact or provide any recommendations to anyone who is coming to the Yucatan Peninsula. Thanks
  2. Hi, my name is Alfredo. I currently live in Mexico, dividing my time between Mérida city, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and all around the Yucatan Peninsula. I spend my freetime freediving, scuba diving, running, swimming, fishing, and all the outdoor activities possible in the area. I grew up in Cozumel Island which for many people around the globe is a scuba diving paradise for photography. Here I began my interest in photography and filming underwater. I am just a beginner with a canon T3I or 600D, a pair of gopro's and few years of experience. My new interest is to get my DSLR underwater and film pelagic action. I will be glad to contact or provide any recommendations to anyone who is visiting the area.
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