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  1. Yea it's a pain when you stick out your arms to take a shot and fall forward. I guess it's not as bad as taking a picture of the surface though.
  2. That would explain why the HC3 has better low light. If both have 1/3" sensors but the HC3 has less pixels then each pixel must be larger and hence more light gathering capability. And in fact you can see that the still MP count is lower on the specs. Just an observation...
  3. I've used my Sony HC1 to tape a wedding and it worked but in a church with limited lighting I had to push the gain. Then again, regular still digital cameras couldn't take anything in there that wasn't blurry so I guess I did ok. I also use the HC1 with an Ikelite housing and it does really well even on night dives. You'll have a really tough time finding one in the US. They are all but gone. You might look into the HC3 though. Also Hi Def but more limited features. The A1 is probably out of your price range. If you go with Standard def the ideal would be the VX2100 for a wedding but also pricey. I'm entrenched in the Sony camp and the selection is short. You need something with a decent sized sensor. 1/5" or 1/6" will be worthless. 1/3" minimum.
  4. Cool but I think the Ikelite Lanc box is still the way to go. The HC1/A1 probably uses a switch internally... I tried.
  5. I'm quite happy with the filter that comes with the Ikelite housing. Adds very nice color. What's the port size? You could probably get one from Ikelite that fits on the outside with a rubber donut. They sell them in various sizes.
  6. It won't WB unless you point it at something "white". Something gray won't work and it will continue to flash.
  7. Very creative. I always enjoy people who substitute thought for money.
  8. That's a sweet housing. I recently had a chance to mess with one above water with the A1 inside. The controls are easier to get at than my Ikelite and it's really well built. Looks pricey though.
  9. It's a Gates arm that I bought off scuba.com I don't know if they make a shoe for the Ike's. A bit floppy above water but fine UW. The light works great on night dives. Very white compared to a Halogen. My HC1 camera doesn't struggle for illumination contrary to people saying the lowlight is poor. I stop the gain down a bit to prevent noise and the picture is still great. A few hours of battery life. The battery pack on the Ike's are huge for only being 1 hour life, but then they are twice the wattage. On day dives the range is 2'-4' max in bright conditions. For longer shots I use a filter.
  10. Yea if it keeps flashing, it's not seeing anything that it considers white-ish enough. BTW I shot a week's worth of video in Kona recently and I'm very happy with the Ikelite housing. Honestly I'm still working out WB and color settings myself and did much tweaking in post.
  11. The HC1 parks the tape too after several minutes in standby mode. Normally in standby the heads are still spinning and recording starts instantly. When parked it takes 5-10 secs and stby blinks. In anticipation you can press record twice to spool things back up but it's tough to know UW what it's up to. This is a different feature than the auto shut off delay that powers down the whole camera.
  12. PP2 has some capture issues. Have you tried http://strony.aster.pl/paviko/ Glad to see you got things going. Mike: I think your lucky Studio didn't show up. Wow, I'm dis'n everything today huh?
  13. Now yer talk'n. I like shooting in HDV. I think media downconverted (in software) to DVD looks much better. I can understand where DVCAM would be more reliable, but I think it depends more on the camera than the format. Too bad we can't shoot HDCAM. I'm off to Kona in the morning to find some porn-u-pine fish to aim the camera at.
  14. I never film anything dirty... I don't want any drop outs.
  15. On a still camera you need a strobe to stop the motion or things become blurry at 1/30 or 1/60. A video camera records motion and thereby the eye blends things better. Most video cameras have CCD's which are more sensitive than the CMOS sensors in still cameras. Sony, for instance, had to do much work to adapt a CMOS sensor for use in their new video cameras. Video cameras have a lower MP count and thereby can have sensors with larger individual pixel receptors and/or use multiple receptors to record a recorded pixel. They also use 4:2:0 subsampling and dedicate more (green) elements to luminance over color. Video cameras can also cheat by adding sensor gain but it introduces noise. Video cameras often have pretty large optics and that doesn't hurt either.
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