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  1. Hi hopŠµ the rest of your stay was productive regarding uwphotos! As for the problem I had the same also during this New Year holidays. One YS-d2 (not J version) just stoped firing or I would say started firing intermittently (for ex every other third or forth time and with full power no matter what power setting i select (and to be more confused if I select the lowest power setting it did not fire at all!!!)). So for now I am confused if I should buy a new J version and save some money or switch completely to Inon z330 (my wife using them and they work like a charm, they a more powerful (with my cause an overexposure in the shallows + large f-stop conditions ). So what was your decision or a strobe problem resolution?
  2. Can only concur with said above, we (I am and my wife) spent 2 weeks there in Feb 2018. We really enjoyed our time spent there.
  3. Can you please post some links on Amazon or Ebay? I tried to find but stumbled on a confusing variety of products been sold. Thx.
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