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  1. On 1/2/2020 at 3:55 AM, Redwing said:

    For those that have used Sea & Sea YSD2 and upgraded, what strobes did you acquire?


    Hi hopе the rest of your stay was productive regarding uwphotos! As for the problem I had the same also during this New Year holidays. One YS-d2 (not J version) just stoped firing or I would say started firing intermittently (for ex every other third or forth time and with full power no matter what power setting i select (and to be more confused if I select the lowest power setting it did not fire at all!!!)).

    So for now I am confused if I should buy a new J version and save some money or switch completely to Inon z330 (my wife using them and they work like a charm, they a more powerful (with my cause an overexposure in the shallows +  large f-stop conditions ).

    So what was your decision or a strobe problem resolution?

  2. Different diameter of side glow fiber optic cable can be purchased on Amazon or E-Bay sites. They sell coils of different lengths and diameters for cheap. This side glow can be tightly wrapped with tape and it will do the trick as well. It will work with out wrapping it but the entire cable will be illuminated every time the flash fires.



    Can you please post some links on Amazon or Ebay? I tried to find but stumbled on a confusing variety of products been sold. Thx.

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