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  1. I also saw the link that you sent me , it seems great,but i couldn't do that by myself.
  2. Nice job ... if I can add 40 mm to my housing then I'll use 100 mm (L) canon.
  3. Thank you so much Tom.now I know what I want to choose .
  4. Hi dear Pro I am going to buy new meikon U/W housing(budget is tight) for my canon 70D, the housing port is fixed and I can't change the port like other type. I can just use these three lens ( the maximum length is limited to 9 cm ) 1- 60 macro Canon 2-60 Venus new chines lens with 1:2 magnification and manual control 3: new 28 mm canon with LED O-ring flash . could any one help me through this issue . thank you in advanced. Mahdi. 1-+ point of 28 mm canon is o_ring flash ( I don't know about negative point) 2-60 Venus ( 2 x magnification as a plus point and minimal focus distance 18.5 cm ) ( lake of auto focus ) 3- 60 macro ( low minimum focus distance to reach 1:1 magnification about 9.5 cm )
  5. Hi can you send me the photo of them to my mail : bany39@gmail.com
  6. thank you , but when i click on the link , it open main page again ???!!!!
  7. it comes (1800 lumen big blue ) with yellow diffuser ...so what is ideal rang of lumen can be perfect ????because there are another rang of 2400 and more and i decide to try a single one of them ...
  8. is that big blue 1800 lumen is enough for macroghraohy if i want to use video light or i should to use more lumen ???
  9. Hi guys 1- I am newbie in macroghraphy .... the first matter is so many people say the 60 mm canon is better , because the low distance between subject and lens the effect of the back scatter is lower than the 100 mm , but in otherwise out of the water it`s better to use 100 mm ( the subject may be escape in lower distance distance of focused 60 mm ) 2- For who experienced the 100 mm canon IS and non IS , is that necessary to use IS version for macroghraphy or no , picture got blur with no IS version because of hand shaking or no ( because of price difference )
  10. Hi what is your asking price for above collection , how many years the housing work ?
  11. @TimG thanks alot Tim , can you suggest me web site to customize what i want based on what i have ( camera and lens) and then buy them, because all the site ( at least the sites that i see) sell the package ,and i should buy the housing and port seprately ... thank
  12. Hi Guys .... I am looking for Canon 70D underwater housing .....I also have this question can i do macroghraphy whit dome port or i should buy the flat port ..
  13. Hi ...i am looking for second hand underwater housing for canon 70d , but i am looking for flat port becuase i do macroghraphy and i don`t know is that possible with dome port or no .
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