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  1. Hello, I thought I'd post this in the video section. I am new to the underwater video world. I just got back from Maui and would like to share a few images from some of the footage I shot. I'd also like to know how you feel the images look. Is it overexposed? Washed out? Lack of color? I feel the image lacks color and "pop." But I am trying to determine if it is a setting on the camera or just Maui lacking the colored reef structure of the Caribbean. It just doesn't look crisp and colorful. Not sure how much it is ocean conditions, location, or camera capabilities. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it does have color? Looking for feedback please. One caveat, these are stills from the video. They are actually iPhone photos of my HD TV with the video paused at certain points. I simply do not have the firewire setup right now to move the video to a CPU. So, the video is actually clearer if viewed on my TV than these photos. Here is my camera and setting setup... Camera: Canon HV20 HDV 1080i Housing: Ikelite Filter: Red Filter Auto White Balance No Lights F Stop 1.8 Dive Details: Lahaina, Maui Depth: 25 feet Visibility: 40-50 feet Seas: Relatively calm. We ended up at this local site as we were blown out of our main dive site due to rough seas. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello. My name is Adrian. Looking to learn as much as possible on this forum!
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