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  1. allot of lens shades are aluminum...cutting will produce aluminum bits wich can get in between your elements...tape up the lens first cover the element with a small piece of cotten tshirt the tape it down....paint the cut edges black....ive done this maney times and NEVER f....k up a lens....will be doing this to a new 11 to 24 new canon soon...master tinkerer
  2. thought i would share some of my images shot with my homebrew housings
  3. here is a one camera image i shot with another DIY housing
  4. here is an image shot with a single DIY housing
  5. the whole idea about this was to shoot action panoramas!.....you cant do that with one camera..i will post some breaking waves
  6. ok....topside newport pier ...before the sun came up....the sky was on fire...double wide image i was floating offshore...this is what i designed it for i always wanted a Linhoff 6x17.....so i made one from 2 40d canons.....going to make another one for 2 Canon 5Dsr!!! epic.....
  7. epic to say the least...ill find an image and post it...computer crashed and images inside ...ill find one..dale
  8. thought i would show the rear panel....6 volt battery 12 amphr runs the waterproofed strobes...1 nikon sb800 2 canons...controls on the back plate for the 2 cams.....this was used for surface images mainly thus the small domes....the domes i made in a vacume chamber in my oven,,,,lots of fun used a hack saw...hand drill and exaxto knife to build this housing!!!!!!yes all by hand!!!
  9. half above half below,,,laguna beach...home brew housing....hello from dale
  10. hello thought i would throw this up....i tinker with DIY housings...a fun and lengthy project....this housing shoots a double wide image ....2 cameras fired at the same time stitched together in photo shop....with fill light from my DIY strobes...fun fun fun.. dale all carbon fiber wonder....
  11. thought i would jump in and say hi...dale
  12. Hello my name is Dale kobetich...i free dive and tinker with DIY water housings....thought id jump in and introduce myself
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