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  1. I have a Sea & Sea NX100 housing if you are still looking. It has the handles but no ports -- those we have recycled to the our new Sea and Sea DSLR housing. We also happen to have an F100 if you need a spare. Tom
  2. It's a great time to dive the Galapagos Islands at less than full price on the MV Humboldt Explorer. It's last minute, but for someone able to take our spots on this trip, we'll give a discount to bring the price down to $3495 each to make it worth your while. See Humboldt Explorer - Galapagos Diving Cruises - Scuba Diving for info. The trip is organized by one of Seattle's large dive shops, which will have 10 of the 16 spaces on the boat. (We've met most of the Seattle divers and they are a nice bunch.) Four other spots have been filled by the Explorer. The remaining two spaces could be yours. If you're interested, please email me at tshort1950@gmail.com Thanks and happy diving -- Tom
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Tom. Was once a very active diver in California. I'm now in Seattle and am getting back in the water after a 13-year hiatus. It's been too long.
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