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  1. Sony/Gates AX-100 4K video camera and housing, all you see in the photo included as well as shipping to the lower 48 of the US, please inquire about international shipping. Items listed below. I have some of the best amateur footage with this rig, I have won several awards including best video, I have traveled all over the world with this rig. This was bought brand new from Backscatter in Ca, it has been recently service and has 12 dives on the new overhaul. The wide angle lens was cleaned up by Gates directly a few months ago, all records on file by backscatter and I can provide on request. I have moved toward cinema and have a 25k rig now and need to sell this one. I have included a rebuild kit, spare o rings, original manuals for both Sony and Gates. Here is a sample video shot with this rig just 2 months ago in Socorro. This rig retails right now for $6334 as you see it, Im willing to let it go for $3990. I am willing to offer tutorials on this set up post sale as I am passionate about what I do, and would love to see this unit be used as well as it has been to me. Thank you. 1. Sony AX-100 2. Gates AX-100 3. Saga Macro lenses X5 and X10 4. Carry handle or GoPro mount both included 5. 6 Sony batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 corded charger 6. Gates GP34A wide angle dome port IMG_7265.HEIC IMG_7266.HEIC IMG_7267.HEIC IMG_7268.HEIC
  2. Thank you, I will try AWB as it is a pain in the ass
  3. Very good article, I have read this before. If I plan to use lights, I would assume Auto is the way to go, with a magenta filter? I too have the gates slate and do the WB one push very often but the lights mess me up. Also I WB without red filter, that was not looking right. I was shooting macro and was leased, but I couldn't light it up as I was in manual. Will the camera allow for adjustment between auto and manual in the housing? I can not find an answer on this.
  4. I too shoot the AX100 and was in the Philippines that same full moon cycle you were. I do all manual WB as I have sound other sony cameras failed me in the auto format. Wad that manta shot in auto? Your WB looks really good and I have a problem adding light when I am WB already, kind of counter intuitive. I would like the camera to do it for me so i can balance light and exposure versus color. As I see it, is this a good gauge to move forward in auto mode? Also, do you know if you can switch between manual and auto WB while in the housing or do you have to commit before the dive? Nice video!
  5. I use a sony AX100 w a gates housing and have a slate attached to my arms fro fast WB, I use it religiously and about every 5 feet. Way better than auto. Sonys auto is terrible
  6. All, I shoot w Sony AX-100 when, how or why would I use or apply the ND Filter?
  7. Hey all, I shoot a Sony AX 100 and white balance w a slate. I find that if I add light it turns red. I started putting light on the slate and then WB off the slate. I cant find a good balance. Should I be WB auto when using light? Also when should I add red filter with WB and lights?
  8. Thanks. I responded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Light and Motion Stingray Plus Camera and housing, plus 2 that's right, 2 Sony HDR XR-200 cameras, Light and Motion all aluminum housing, arms and lights, to include 4 fish eye lights (2 1000lm and 2 500lm) 3 additional replacement handles, 4 o-ring kits, 2 sets of handle batteries, 2 chargers with extended battery, battery is good for 4 dives, carrying suitcase with dividers, optional go pro or utility top mount (quick connect) and all manuals. Used less than 100 dives. Asking $800 for all included obo, plus shipping. I live in a VA if interested in pick up. I accept all major credit cards as well. I'm looking at upgrading but otherwise an awesome camera set up. All you see here is included, suitcase is a great way to customize, it's light and secure. I can send sample video upon request and can be reached at dbuky1@gmail.com if you prefer. Great for the diver that wants to get into videography with all manual control capabilities. $3500 plus invested in to this whole set up, but I need to get rid as I want to upgrade to a much much larger system. ​HDR storage is 250 gig! I spent 3 weeks in Micronesia and didn't even fill the driver. Sony compresses the files well and allows for mass storage. There is also the option to add a memory card for additional storage. ​Great housing with only one port to seal. It is double sealed O rings and leaves the worry of flooding on the surface. All aluminum housing and infared controls make for ease of operation. Built in flip down red filter and you're in business. Please let me know if you have any questions, all serious offers will be considered. Thanks
  10. Eagle Ray, I am shooting video and have to zoom so I'm not switching lenses. However, thanks for the advice for WB on macro, my only concern is if I can switch between auto and manual WB while in the housing, that I will have to see.
  11. Adam, So in other words, illuminate the subject first then WB? Or run an auto WB and correct white in studio? These are all issues of their own. I find it easier to correct white later then to make colors pop in studio. I know there's no one all solution, then there's practicality, your balanced on a subject and a manta ray shows up 15 feet shallower and there's no time to adjust. I guess I'm looking for a one all fits most and fine tune in specific situations vs. the other way around. This topic specific to my Phillipines trip for macro. I'm used to shooting wrecks and large animals that move a lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have taken this set up in it's entirety to $700 i need to sell
  13. The how part is relatively simple. I do videography but I'm sure stills are the same. You change the setting on your camera to WB manual. You hold a slate or white fins or something white in front of your camera and push the button. You'll be amazed how the picture changes. I have a manual point and shoot I use on the surface and I only WB manual. I find the auto WB is normally wrong. Now the when to apply part...that's confusing. Depth strobes video lights filters that all comes in to play when and how to WB. That part im just now learning. The beauty of video is that I can see the changes as they progress. Stills and strobes confuse me. Hope that helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Adam, I have lights, dual 3200 lm. What is your suggestion for that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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