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  1. Hi Mathieu What sort of power settings did you use? And which camera settings?
  2. Hi Craig You wouldn't happen to have a picture of this?
  3. On many of the shore dives I’ve been on you have to drive for a while before getting to the desired location. This also means that after the dive you have to drive back. On these shore dives what do you do about rinsing your camera equipment? There is usually no rinse tank? Sometimes there’s an hour surface interval between two dives?
  4. Thank you for all of you replies. There is a lot of inspiration to find here. I think I’ll try the setup described by frogfish to start off with.
  5. I was wandering what other people do. So far, I have fastened the camera to my BC to make sure, that I could have both hands available for other purposes then holding the camera should this be necessary. Is this the common setup or do you use a wrist strap?
  6. Do these filters only work with digital cameras og will they work with regular SLR? Is using a filter better than correcting the colours in PS?
  7. I am going there for a few weeks in august and I’m considering some diving in the Mediterranean near Haifa. There should be some good wreck diving and cave diving in the area.
  8. I'm not quite sure which mode to shoot in when using a TTL-flash. Can I set the aperture manualy and set the shutter speed to auto or should I set both paramatures manualy for the flash to figure out when to shut off?
  9. Diving with your knees bent and using af "frog-kick" will help you controle the airflow to the legs thus making it easier to avoide negative legs.
  10. Why do you want to light the subject with the edge of the strobe light?
  11. The stuff that keeps you from having to empty out your bank account completely...
  12. Thank you both. Your replies have been very helpful
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