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  1. Is anyone using the Pros vs White? Hoping not to change batteries as often.
  2. Eneloop Batteries

    Is anyone using the Eneloop Pro AA?  Like to minimize battery changes when possible.
























  3. Very interested to know if they are hiring any of the Maluku Divers staff & dive guides. I much prefer guides from Manado, Lembeh or Ambon. Will still be an unknown until they actually open for business.
  4. Any suggestions for some place to over night near the airport? Hotels in the city can really be a long drive mid-day. Maluku Divers is closed. Thanks
  5. Just received an email from my dive operator in Indonesia, AquaMarine Diving. Maluku Divers in Ambon is closing due to dispute over land ownership. Sad news indeed. Maluku always offered great macro diving & was always a very enjoyable stay. https://www.divingmaluku.com/index.html
  6. Life is much easier when all your O-rings are buna-n (black) & you have a tube of good quality silicone grease. There's really no need for all the pretty colors or multiple greases. First thing I did with my new S&S D2 strobes was to remove the blue o-ring on the battery cap & replace it with buna. Just make sure you have the correct o-ring sizes for replacement.
  7. Get a small piece of ABS sheet plastic 1/4 inch thick & cut to match the outline of the base of your housing. Mount with 2 1/4-20 flathead stainless screws. My Nexus housing has 3 tapped holes in its base, so I use the 2 outer ones. Your housing may be configured differently.
  8. I recently upgraded from a pair of YS-27's to YS-D2's. I always used the 27's in manual mode (no TTL available). Now I can use both TTL & manual. With the 27's I knew about how many shots i could take on a set of batteries. Now I'm having trouble trying to figure out the number of shots that I should be able to get in TTL mode. I'm using PowerEx 2700's. Since TTL is new to me I'm using it most of the time. I never know when the strobes will fire their last shot. For a given exposure, will battery consumption be different with TTL vs manual? Any recommedations or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  9. Try here - Blue Abyss Photo 3320 Kemper Street suite 202 San Diego, CA 92110 www.blueabyssphoto.com (760)-522-3481
  10. Jim here from San Diego. My password got messed up so I'm trying a new one. Anyone been to "Alami Alor", a new dive resort in Alor? Thanks.
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