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  1. Hi, what is the macro port? Is it the Macro Port 45 (36135) with focus gear?
  2. Hi Andreas, I am interested in buying the Panasonic 45mm lens. How old is it and what condition is it in? Would you ship to New Zealand and how much would you charge for shipping?
  3. Hi, are you still selling this? And would you post to New Zealand?
  4. Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply Nick, it has been very helpful! After a stroke of luck I managed to find one person in the country selling the GH4 nauticam housing along with a 7-14mm and dome so looking forward to adding some more versatile lens/port options to the kit as you suggested. As a quick side question, have you had much experience with lights and shooting wide angle video? I'm looking at purchasing one of the RG Blue System underwater lights, do you think one light would be enough? Or do I really need two? I've been reading lots of conflicting suggestions on websites that sell the lights so it would be great to hear from someone with practical experience (who also isn't trying to sell me their products!)
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry for the very new account, I have been sleuthing lots of the GH4 threads for quite a while and was excited to see that this one is still fairly active and was finally tempted to make an account and get involved! I have been a DSLR/ikelite user for a few years but I think I'm pretty set on moving across to a GH4 in the Nauticam housing for video work. I've seen a lot of information about macro flip diopters and the WWL-1 but am unsure how they actually work during the dive. For example, would I be able to take diopters off/on during the dive, or take the WWL-1 off/on during the dive? Or do they have to be set up prior to getting in the water? I'm mainly shooting small/medium fish with a few nudibranchs and blennies chucked in there. It would be absolutely fantastic to have a set-up where I could switch between a macro diopter and the WWL-1 during a dive. Does this exist? If so, what lens do you recommend for this kind of video work? Please let me know if you're able to help, I'm quite lost with the Nauticam set-ups. I live in New Zealand and we don't have any Nauticam suppliers here so thank you for all your information and discussions so far, it has been incredibly useful!
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