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  1. During my last dive with my Sea&Sea MDX 300 housing I discovered a leak at about 20m depth, only a few drops but enough to damage the D300 display. I then had another dive with the empty housing and it leaked again. I am almost sure its one of the multi selector push buttons that is causing the leak. The best thing to do I guess would be to do a full service on the housing. Unfortunately its impossible right now because I live on a small island in the indean ocean (great for diving though...) , so I am obliged to solve the problem on my own unless I stop using the housing for the next couple of months which I would like to avoid. · How to disassemble the push button (see photo), to clean all parts and possibly replace the o ring? In order to access the C clip I first need to take off the plastic rod but I cannot figure out how. Is it possible to take off the C clip without destroying it? · Where can I purchase replacement parts ( I guess I need a new o-ring for the push button and a new retaining ring) / I was searching on the internet but without success, I always bump into maintenance kits (with retaining ring, spring, o-ring ) for Ikelite housings but I couldnt find anything for Sea&Sea housings. Thank you very much in advance for you help
  2. Hi, greetings from Mayotte....I have been using my Nikon D300 under water for 2 years now and got already lots of useful information on the wetpixel forum.
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