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  1. Willing to sell housing and dome separate from camera.
  2. Weekly bump. Please reach out with any questions or offers.
  3. I am selling my Panasonic Lumix G9 setup. This setup is approximately 1 year old. It has been on 5 open water dives and two pool sessions to adjust buoyancy. All dives were freshwater in Lake Michigan. Dive Sites: Thomas Hume x2, Grace Channon, Milwaukee Car Ferry x2. This package includes the following: Ikelite DL housing, Right Hand Grip, Trigger Extension, 20mm port extension, DL 8in dome, zoom gear. Panasonic Lumx G9 and Panasonic 8mm Fisheye. The setup also works well with the Panasonic 12-24mm lens (not included) I am willing to sell the package without the camera body and/or lens, but I am not willing to break up the housing and port. New this is a $5,000 setup. I am selling it here for $3,600 shipped in the continental US. I will ship internationally but the buyer will need to pay shipping. Sample videos taken from this setup by an amateur at bottom below images.
  4. I have two DS125 strobes and TTL cables and arms we can add to the deal. $1700 for everything!
  5. Our group dove the Thomas Hume with Double Action Dive Charters last Friday. We are working on collecting video for a presentation about wreck diving on the Great Lakes. This will be presented to our local dive club in a month or two. Along with some prior videos and another dive weekend coming up. Anyway, been shooting stills forever, pretty green with this video stuff, especially underwater. This was all shot with a Panasonic G9, GoPro 5 and a drone I used to have.... Not much drone footage as you will see. My piloting skills from moving objects need work. All that said, I’d love feedback. Good and bad. Still working on stability, white balance, color grading and transitions. G9 housing was positively buoyant and that didn’t help. Dove it without my strobes and that was a mistake from a buoyancy perspective. Taking the video setup to the pool this weekend to get it weighted properly without strobes. https://youtu.be/qbhnfvPMHzs
  6. After further research it looks like I am way off base on price. New Price $1000 shipped in the US! Strobes and arms also available for additional fee.
  7. I think you meant to post this somewhere else?
  8. Almost complete! All you need to buy is a lens. I've run this setup for a bit now with the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye. It's fantastic. Changing bodies, because that's what I do. Great opportunity for someone looking for a killer setup. Olympus OM-D E-M10 mk II All original accessories (charger, cables, box) 3 Batteries Extended grip Ikelite Housing Dual handle tray 6" Dome Port Dome port neoprene cover Retail new this would be $2200! Approximately 29k shutter releases. Camera looks and works like new. Sample photos taken with this setup: https://haughs.smugmug.com/Unlisted/n-hR8gbG/ $1500 Shipped/OBO. Which if you are looking at this, that would be like buying the housing and getting the accessories and camera for free. Please contact with questions/offers.
  9. Thanks. I bit the bullet last week and bought a used DS125 and two batteries for all the same reasons listed above. I just need to pick up an arm for it.
  10. Have all the other parts accumulated now but I need a way to connect my strobe to my housing I'd like to do a double arm.
  11. Have everything but arms now (or on its way)!
  12. Looking for a strobe. Title says it all. Just needs to be in good working order.
  13. I don't know if I'd use the word "accomplished", I've been playing for years and am comfortable Anyway, I should clarify, I do plan (as of now) to shoot FE, BUT I am not going for reefscape/landscape shots. Much more interested in close focus or divers or sea creatures. Thanks for the book recommendation, thanks to Amazon Prime it will be here tonight I've thought about a GoPro but I really don't like video...at all and if I'm gonna use it for stills, I'd rather just take one of our point and shoots and do the same thing. Or take the fourth thirds with no strobes and at least be able to capture creatures and coral snorkeling but maybe not get much diving. Which may be my best option for this trip.
  14. This is why I am asking! I know my way around a camera but not under water. Very limited experience shooting underwater limited to point and shoot with tons of back scatter. I don't know if I can rent there. I've not been able to find out. I should probably send an email or two. I also know nothing of the diving there. Maybe I should just dive and enjoy it and save the photos for shallow water? That may seem too reasonable for me though. It is helpful. I know there is t a simple answer, I'm looking for a conversation to help come to the most reasonable solution. I've bought equipment for one time use before for paid jobs, that was an easy decision.
  15. Newbie here. Figured this is the best place to start this conversation. I'm at that point of paralyses by analysis. I've searched a lot. I've been shooting for most of my life. Having a camera in my hand is very natural. I'm also very comfortable with buoyancy control, no concerns what so ever jumping in the water with photo gear. My wife and I are heading to Moorea and Bora Bora in 5 weeks. I plan to do a lot of snorkeling and diving. I'm trying not to spend a lot on equipment but what I am finding is that I'm far better off buying and reselling anything (strobes) I don't see myself using again for a while (Landlocked Midwesterner with young kids). Rentals are cost prohibitive because I'd need the rental for about two weeks as we will be gone 11 days. I've recently offloaded all my pro level Canon gear and switched to micro four thirds. No regrets. Anyway, my plan is to shoot with an Olympus OM-D and a Panasonic 8mm fisheye. I have no interest in macro. I feel pretty comfortable with just the camera (in a housing of course) for our snorkeling and swimming around the bungalow. I'll probably pick up a magic filter to play around with. From what I can tell, it looks like a lot of the diving will be deep. Deeper than where accessible natural light will be for the camera. I'm fine shooting high ISO and I think there will still be some shots to grab, though they may be black and white. What I am wondering is, will I be doing myself a disservice by not taking a strobe or more? Will I regret not having one? I'm not looking for portfolio level photos but this is likely a once in a lifetime trip and I want to capture OUR trip. Thoughts?
  16. I've seen a few of those for sale. Not sure how much I can tolerate shooting something that doesn't have dials for aperture and shutter speed. Or at least one dial. I'f I go that route I may just get a housing for one of my Canon point and shoots. But I have not ruled out the PEN series route yet.
  17. Trip coming up in 5 weeks and I'm looking for an underwater setup. Currently own an Olympus OM-D E-M10 II. I'm an mostly interested in shooting with a Panasonic 8mm Fisheye. I'd love a housing for my camera, but realize it's pretty new and there likely aren't any used housings. I'd consider other micro four thirds housings as used bodies can be had cheap. Would also consider using my canon 40D and EFS10-22 if the deal was right. I've been watching the forums and haven't found the right deal yet. Let me know if you have something that may foot the bill.
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