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  1. I do use the 25mm pany underwater. I use it for fish portraits. I use it in a port that I use my 60 mm in (which is not the right port) but it takes at times really nice fish portrait shots. I have a Nauticam housing. On land it is an astounding lens. Crisp and fast.
  2. I just bought the 9-18mm lens for my OMD 1 in a Nautucam housing but I have to buy another port specifically for it as of course my 8mm fisheye port won't work. Was thinking about getting a 170mm big dome but it's hideously expensive. Ideas? Thoughts? I like the 8mm fisheye but I felt a little limited at times in the Red Sea.
  3. I am needing this port to accommodate a 9-18mm lens for my OMD 1 housing.
  4. Interested in the housing and the camera. I have the ports. Thanks!
  5. I need more than $500 which was your previous offer....
  6. Hi, the housing is sold but I still have the camera if you are interested.
  7. I've got a Nauticam housing for the Zolympus OMD e5. Not sure if this will work, but thought I'd throw it out there.
  8. I have a used Nauticam OMD E5 housing and Olympus OMD E5 body for sale. Excellent starter kit. I take very good care of my equipment. Looking for 900$ willing to be flexible. Pictures provided upon request.
  9. Hi I'd like to post in the intro thread but scrolling through pages from 2011 was pretty labor intensive. Obviously I am doing this wrong? Anyway hello. I love wet pixel FB page and look at it almost every day and post on it frequently as well.
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