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  1. Those are some beautiful pictures. One question: How warm was the water there? My wife and I have been thinking about diving the channel islands in August, but we're both cold water wimps. You said the conditions were poor, but was it worth the cold? norm
  2. Renting a drysuit is a good idea... then maybe you could teach one of your buddies the little tricks to dive with one. According to mikeball.com, the water should be 82F in January in the Coral Seas. I have no idea what it'll be like in NZ. norm
  3. Another really good solution for color matching which I have been using since birth is being colorblind. My pictures almost always end up looking great to me and it isn't until a wife or friend sees them and asks some dumb question like: Why is that grey reef shark brown? that I realize I've done something wrong. (In real news: I have an hp g55 multidevice that we use for color printing and have been really happy with for small pictures.) norm
  4. Wow. What a great site! I am just getting started in underwater video and found your site really helpful. (Thanks for including the gear/software stuff!) I've got a bit of footage (an hour or two from hawaii and another 30minutes or so from Cabo Pulmo) that I am now planning on editing and putting together finally. norm
  5. Hello. I've been anonymously reading wetpixel for a while now and never registered or posted mostly because I didn't feel like I had much to contribute. (Of course, that implies that I feel like I have something to contribute now... which I don't really. I'll just keep mooching off of all your knowledge and experience. ) I've been diving for 1.5 years about and just started taking digital footage of my trips. I've got a sony trv30 digicam and a gates housing. (i love them both)... for still shots, I just invite Eric on my dive trips. I am in san diego and currently am back in school finishing up a computer science degree. (I wonder what percentage of digital underwater photographers are in the software? if this group is representative at all, the percentage seems pretty high.) norm
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