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  1. Yeah just learned about the Sea&Sea as well. Would go for the nauticam or sea&sea set? Anyone experience with either one using the 11-24? You are absolutely right about the 2nd part as well, if you get a lens for UW primarily I wouldn't choose the 11-24 either.
  2. Hi! No chance for international shipping? Currently in Singapore and item is on my eBay watchlist.
  3. Hi guys! I am in Singapore and have just asked the same questions. Nauticam is currently the only housing supporting the 11-24, housing + domeport roughly 6000 USD net. Ikelite is about to announce a new housing series with larger port within the next month, supporting the 11-24 as well. Might be a more affordable option. I am still not sure if I should wait and see or go with the Nauticam straight away (which in my opinion is the better option, if you can afford it), due to a tight budget at the moment...
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