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  1. Update. I forgot to mention that there is also a Inon macro lens UCL 165 M67 included with the package.
  2. I have for sale a Sony RX100 mk1 with a Nauticam Housing with Nauticam Easitray and Nauticam adjustable right handle. An IDAS UWL 04 dome port with some slight marks on the dome but have not noticed anything on the photo's, there is a neoprene cover for the dome. There are two inon optic cables, charger and one battery for the Sony, 52 - 67 adapter for the dome port and dust cover for the nauticam port. The whole setup cost £1800 two years ago I am looking for £800 plus postage.
  3. Hi Wolfgang If the whole setup is still available, not the strobes or arms, would you accept Eu 1350. I have not sold my sony setup and this figure brings it nearer to my budget now that the euro has improved a little bit. Thankyou Keith
  4. Thanks for the info Wolfgang but as I said the euro/sterling rate has fallen drastically over the last few months and whereas I thought the rate was around the 140 plus mark it turns out it's down to 120 plus which means it will be out of my budget. I was budgeting for £1000 sterling so as you can see the exchange rate is killing it. Thankyou for your help and guidance. Keith
  5. Thanks for that Wolfgang. The only problem I have at the moment is that the euro to sterling rate is not as good as I thought it was and it comes out more than my budget. I have a sony rx100 mk 1 with nauticam housing and if I can get a good price on that I will get back to you. Many Thanks Keith
  6. I have inon strobes, what are the strobe connections, optic or sync and can you still get the sync cables for the housing ?
  7. I'm in the U.K. can you give me best price for all the equipment including the Nikon d300 Many Thanks Keith
  8. Could you work out a price for shipping to the U.K.
  9. Hi, my name is Keith, I'm looking to upgrade my equipment from a Nauticam RX100 to a DSLR housing, preferably a nikon, I'm also looking to replace my flooded Inon strobe.
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