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  1. These might work: https://keldanlights.com/products/filters/filters-for-cameras/filters-for-cameras.html
  2. I could really use the 70mm ones as well, as I just received warranty replacements! I really appreciate your time and help if you can make this happen! They have been so nice to use.
  3. Hello, I am selling my 2x Fix Neo Fisheye flashlights (+3 High Capacity Batteries), these little guys are incredibly powerful, and can be adjusted from 1% to 100% brightness (which is so much nicer than most lights that only provide 2-3 brightness levels - At 1% it provides plenty of light for getting setup at night, and uses virtually no battery). There is also an LCD screen that tells you how much battery life you have remaining, and the 2000 DX SWR has a Flood, Spot, Red (and Red / White light mode). These have the extended life batteries last a very long time and these guys are pretty much the tesla of dive lights. Comes with everything you see here (plus extra o-rings and battery I forgot to include in the picture). I paid over $2,000 for this setup and I am asking $725 obo.
  4. Hello, I have deciding to sell my YS-D2 stobes. They are in very good condition and have been only been used on two dive trips. They have been well cared for and I have the original boxes, manuals, accessories, etc. Plus two CM Custom WA dome diffusors (valued at $150.00 + s/h), and neoprene protectors. $825 obo.
  5. We don't use a red filter... It does ok color correction underwater when you get close to an object, no so great in the blue. The color is obviously best in the shallows or when a light is close enough to make a difference. Overall, it's a good camera for capturing memories, but obviously falls short if you are looking for pro-grade quality. For the price, we like it a lot more than the GoPro.
  6. Here's another little video from our trip to Bonaire filmed 100% on the TG-Tracker:
  7. Just had a set printed on a Form 2 printer last night in their tough resin... Looks like they came out pretty good! Thanks for doing this, I'll let you know how it works....
  8. Which I think is hilarious as they made this thing waterproof to relatively deep depths... But it's pointless... In addition, the image quality appears to be beyond total garbage. I was hoping it wasn't the case, but if you read the reviews on Amazon and other places it shows how big of a failure this product is. The only thing it excels at it looking cool.
  9. Just need something like this, but for Panasonic to be developed (which prob. won't happen)....
  10. Here's a little video my wife put together, 95% of this is from the TG-Tracker. As you can see the video quality could be a lot better; but the camera works and is easy to use. Also, the puffer fish really like the little mirror on the front (we had three different puffers swim towards the camera)..
  11. Free shipping for anyone in the US.
  12. Unfortunately, after getting home from a scuba trip of a lifetime; my car broke down and I need to raise funds to fix it. I have a RX100 IV housing from Nauticam in virtually new condition. It was used on a single trip a few weeks ago; and is in excellent shape. I have all the original parts that came with it (including the trigger / brackets for the nauticam tray). I am not selling anything else; as I can still use my tray and arms with my old TG-3. I will ship it (virtually) anywhere in the world; the buyer will pay for actual shipping costs... $825 obo.
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