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  1. Agreed, surprisingly I found it on your website before seeing it here! I have two WWL1-B's so glad I don't need to waste more money!
  2. If you wanted two, I'de be willing to part with my MF-1 as well...
  3. I am also here in the PNW (with drygloves) and the primary selling point for me is the ability to switch between the WWL-1 to CMC-1 macro and back... I often switch at least once a dive, it isn't hard if you have good mounts for it; but it does take a good 30-45 seconds of concentration and isn't as easy as a flip filter, but still easy enough...
  4. I use dry gloves (Showa 730's) with thick under gloves and I often remove the hard collar underwater and put it in my drysuit pocket, and have never had much trouble with it...
  5. And here's some (instagram) shots I've taken with the 28-60 / CMC-1 Sony A1... They aren't amazing, but they meet my needs as a hobby and to show people what I saw...
  6. Just two add my two cents, I have been shooting the RX100IV-V + Sony A1 with WWL-1/B CMC-1/2 on these camera's for a long time. In warm water I switch between WWL + CMC a lot (sometimes 3+ times on a dive), in cold water it is harder with dry gloves; but will still do it once or twice on many of my dives. I have a really nice setup with a carbon float arm going horizontally across the top of my Nauticam. I used to use the Nauticam 90mm float arm up there with a single bayonette mount (and a second holder on a strobe float arm) but I didn't like how bulky and short it was and inconvenient for the second holder. And the 70mm didn't provide enough lift and looked weird. I felt like goldilocks. But then found I could get 80mm carbon floats in the right for me (longer) length from Seafrogs super cheap (in comparison) on amazon (quality is good so far). But then, of course, my Nauticam bayonet holders didn't fit. But low and behold if you take 1 part of the 90mm mount + 1 part of the 70mm mount, you guessed it you get 80mm! And it fits super snug and doesn't move at all. All that to say, a big part of switching lenses underwater is the ease of mounting and dismounting the lenses. I have the extension releases for my WWL on both the port and the bayonet mount and I have a custom velcro "leash" for my WWL1-B if I drop it and my port was modified so it sits at a bit of an angle so that the bump for the focus knob (which I removed), doesn't get in the way of the release. Below is a pic of the setup, note that I often just use one float arm for each strobe but started playing with some new configs (and I ran out of clamps, so I have some MP clamps in the picture I wouldn't normally have a ball on).
  7. I'm heading there in three weeks, fingers crossed....
  8. I've been shooting the A1 with the 28-60 + WWL1-B/CMC-1 since it was released. The autofocus is usually amazing (esp. compared to my prior camera the RX100V, this was a major upgrade)... I mainly dive cold water, and last weekend I went up to Campbell River, BC where we had a 100' vis. I was actually surprised, as I had a lot more "misses" than normal, especially when I got home and reviewed shots of a small red sculpin on a large yellow sponge (most were out of focus). I probably should have reduced my focus area from L to S, but when you have giant smurf gloves on you tend not to change settings that often. That said, I still usually make the effort to swap lenses a few times on dives when warranted, so I can get some macro shots with the CMC-1 (for all those cute little nudibranchs we have around here). That said I always have trouble with the limited focus distance of that combo (even though it's exponentially easier than when shooting with my RX100V - esp. when the flash recycle time took forever on that setup). All this is background to ask @Alex_Mustard is the 90mm macro worth it? I've been avoiding the purchase for almost two years now in hopes Sony will release a newer/faster maco lens. And I've justified the wait, as I do prefer to have "options" with the wet contact optics while diving. But when the vis. starts to go to crap again around here, macro is where it is at in cold water diving. I'm thinking I should probably just hurry up and settle on the old 90mm, or I could be waiting a long time for something better to come along. And one other question, do you ever shoot ISO-Auto (I'm guessing not), but if so what do you typically set your max limit to?
  9. Nauticam N100 Flat Port 45 with Focus Knob (NA-37165) in excellent condition (will ship in original box)... This port is made for the incredibly versatile Sony SEL28-60 f/4.0-5.6 lens. N100 Port Focus Knob Included 67mm Threaded Front $500 / OBO
  10. As an FYI, the new A1 housing works perfectly with both the A7S III and the AI (you just need a different tray for the A7S III). So if I was buying a housing for the A7S III I would splurge and get the A1 housing and adapter tray; it's slightly more $$$ but should have a better resale value and allow you to "upgrade" camera's without the need for a new housing (especially as this is a camera size I expect sony to stick to for the next few iterations)
  11. I'de lean towards mirrorless based solely on this (especially due to the ability to use EF glass with new RF camera's, but not the other way around) https://petapixel.com/2021/04/09/canon-is-additionally-discontinuing-a-large-number-of-ef-lenses-report/
  12. I purchased this directly from Nauticam for $1086.00 on 12/29/2020. It appears to be in like new condition (I posted a bunch of photos in the link below). I only used this on a handful of dives while on vacation and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this lens (I really babied this lens, as I even kept the hard cover on the lens while underwater and not in use). That said, I recently sold my camera and I no longer have any use for this amazing piece of kit. I'll sell for $900 with free FedEx ground shipping anywhere in the USA (so you'll save about $200 vs new and I can ship next day). I prefer Venmo as a form of payment. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bTSiP1A8tdFR7cbb6
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