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  1. All of the sync cords, strobes, arms, and trays are gone.
  2. The Nikonos camera bodies and lenses have been sold, including the 80mm. The Sekonic meters have been sold. I still have two SB-105 strobes and two SB-102 strobes and a few Nikonos sync cords. I also have the Nikonos arms and trays and adapters for TLC or similar arms. And I have a couple third-party parts such as Underwater-Photo Tech double trays. I would be happy to let them go for the price of shipping. The sync cords are worth more than the price of shipping but I will include them with the strobes. If nobody wants the strobes I'll sell the sync cords separately or I'll just put them on eBay. I do not know if the strobes work. I had four SB-105s and my nephew used one of them a couple years ago as a slave. He has two of them now but as far as I know he hasn't tried the other one. I also have the Stromm housings and parts. I'll also give these to anyone who can figure out how to get them from me or who will pay shipping.
  3. I'm going to sell the sync cords on eBay. Several people have expressed interest here but I haven't heard from them. The Stromm housings, SB-102 and SB-105 strobes, arms, trays and such are available to anyone willing to pay shipping. If there is no interest they are all going into the trash.
  4. Sorry to not get back here earlier. Most of the stuff is gone via eBay. I stopped selling stuff when Covid-19 hit. We were caught on Roatan, long story, and when I got back I pretty much forgot about it. I have a single and a double Sea and Sea sync cord. I think the single is new, I had it as a backup and never used it. And I have two single Nikonos sync cords. If someone wants them contact me, otherwise they will go on eBay. I still have the SB-102 and two SB-105 strobes and trays and such. Also the Stromm housings. Any of that stuff would be free if you can pick it up in Massachusetts - and I might be able to meet somewhere else. I don't want to throw this stuff out but I have no use for it and being stuck at home (and cleaning the basement) it is starting to be in the way.
  5. The slave strobe adapter and the white Nikonos body cover are gone. I'm going to keep the small digital camera and housing, one SB-105, and one Nikonos arm and single tray. One of my nieces is finishing her certification in August, I should keep a spare camera handy. I've been told I should list prices for this stuff, so here are some. They are mostly negotiable, especially if you buy a bunch of it. All Aquatica gears are $20, less if you take more than one. Maybe a lot less... The Stromm stuff is free, you pay shiping or arrange to get them somehow. The Aquatica N90 housings are probably free too, including the cameras. The TTL bulkheads and the handles, which I think are the same as on the current housings, are worth more than that. The extension tubes and framers are also free. The Nikonos arms and trays are a dollar or two but I'd like to offer them to whoever takes the Nikonos cameras or strobes first. Make me an offer on a body or strobe and I'll throw in arms, trays, adapters and maybe sync cords if they are still available. Offer me a couple dollars for the small flashlight and mount or the Morris slave (or both). I'll be out of town for a couple weeks in August - if I don't respond quickly it is probably because I'm traveling.
  6. Aperture gears and a focus gear. More gears. I think the one on the bottom left is a 60mm manual/auto gear. I think the other unlabeled gear is a type 1 for 35-70mm. The item in the middle on the bottom isn't for sale unless you convince me you really need it. Not really an underwater camera part but it was packed with other underwater camera stuff. It is an MC-12A cable release. Morris slave strobe with a weighted handle. I have never taken this into the water, which may be why it isn't flooded. The weighted handle is nice, though. Another thing I found packed with the underwater camera gear. I'm not that eager to sell this one - a couple of my nieces and nephews are learning to dive and if one wants a camera it might be better to hand them something like this rather than one of my dual strobe housings. The last time someone used it we set it up on a Nikonos tray and used an SB-105 as a slave. Three Sea and Sea dual sync chords and one single. I used these with the D200 housings and Z240 strobes. I think they still have value. That's all I'm posting for now (unless I find I've missed something). I am currently shooting with an Aquatica housing and a D7200 so I'd consider any trade for stuff that works with it. Beyond that a few things here have value and the rest I'm more interested in getting out of the house.
  7. Two Aquatica 90 housings with cameras. They have single Nikonos TTL connectors. The pink or white dots are nail polish. These use the current style ports, not the old ones. They have TTL connectors. Two Aquatica D200 housings. These have Heinrich Weikamp TTL Converters installed. I used them successfully with Inon Z240 2 strobes. I have the bolts and camera trays for all of these housings. No ports are available. Three D200 bodies. One has a Really Right Stuff tripod plate - I may have more of those plates somewhere. There are also a couple cable releases and spare batteries. Someone is selling a complete D200 outfit on WetPixel. If you buy his you could also pick up one of my housings and cameras for spare parts!
  8. This is an Anthis CL-100 close-up adapter. It fits over the Nikonos RS 50mm lens. It isn't powerful enough to do much with the basic lens but performs well with the 2X teleconverter behind it. It will also work with some housings. This is a small flashlight which can sit on top of a Nikonos or housing. I don't know if it works. These Stromm housings were used with Nikon 8008s or N90 cameras. There are flat ports for 60mm and 105mm lenses and a dome port for a 20mm lens. There are three backs which are set up for different gear arrangements. They could be modified to work with something else. They might even float with no camera inside.
  9. This obscure thing is a slave adapter for an SB-103. It was made in Japan but I don't remember the manufacturer. It is probably worthless and will be priced accordingly. This may be all the Nikonos RS stuff I have left. If you look closely in the upper middle of the bag you will see a Nikonos RS sync cord jack. I believe that is an unused spare. I used to be able to field strip an RS and replace that plug but that was a long time ago. I may still have a "cheat sheet" which covers the important steps, such as which way to set the knobs before removing the innards. I doubt Nikon still has this part in stock! One is a Marine Meter and the other three are Marine Meter II. All of them read OK on the battery check. The Marine Meter has a red front and one of the others has a yellow front, if this makes any difference. It may not be legal to sell the "new old stock" batteries but if someone wants meters I'll throw them in. These are Underwater Photo-Tech dual trays. They will work with Nikonos arms and can be used with a Nikonos or Nikonos RS. At least one has been machined to accept the two Aquatica handles and also, I think, some of the housings that I will list. The other parts are TLC adapters for the Nikonos strobes making it possible to attach them to TLC / Aquatica and other arms. I might have some matching TLC arm segments somewhere.
  10. Five single sync cords Three old-style double sync cords. These don't work well with the RS and certain lenses. Three new-style double sync cords. These will work with the RS and all lenses. Two SB-102 strobes. I used industrial NiCad batteries with these. I charged up a set and both strobes fired. I'll include the extra battery holders and the batteries if you want - and I could throw in the charger I used with the too. I'm not sure how many of these work. I charged up a set of batteries and two of them fired and two didn't. But then I tried the original two and they didn't fire either. I suspect the batteries weren't in good shape and I'll probably pitch all of the old AA batteries. The holders in the photo are from SB-103 strobes which are long gone. There are a couple extra SB-105 battery clips.
  11. I've accumulated a lot of underwater camera "stuff" over the years. I want to them out. For most I will consider any reasonable and possibly unreasonable offer - I won't be insulted. Or if you are or know of an organization that wants a donation of any of this stuff that's good too. Priority will be given to people who want the most stuff. I'm in New England and might be able to help with avoiding shipping if you are in the area. Three Nikonos 5 bodies. They all worked when I used them last. And there is a UR/PRO 58mm CY filter. 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 35mm, and 80mm lenses and 15mm and 20mm finders with the 28mm adapter. Also the 80mm above water finder. The 15mm is probably worth something, maybe the 20mm. Close-up kit. Note that the bolt is not permanently stuck in the holder! Helix extension tube set. There are two of the smallest tube. The 1:3 framer needs to be repaired. Nikonos trays and arms
  12. Would you sell the macro port separately from the extension?
  13. Hi Tim, What is the condition of the 18-300? And what do you estimate the shipping costs to the continental US would be?
  14. Pavel, What optical converter are you using? UW Technics or something else?
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