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  1. Thank you for the comparison. With getting to the caymans anytime soon seeming less and less likely, this looks like a great option to try out.
  2. I don't see a lot about St Maarten/Martin; how does it compare to Cozumel, Belize, Caymans, TC (if you've done those locations)? Thanks
  3. Very cool scorpionfish shot; how would you compare the gh5 from the advanced compacts you've used?
  4. @TimG really appreciate our conversation, it was the nudge I needed to abandon my antiquated but "trusty" editing sw and process. I've spent some time playing around with LR and feel like tuning WB, highlights and shadows is much better than photoscape. Here's 2 of the same starting with the RAW in LR and then another school shot from the trip, they seem better to me at least somewhat. Thanks again!
  5. I’ve admittedly been sluggish to expand my use of LR... Your comment reminded me of the batching capabilities though, so I poked around a bit and might just end up moving more toward LR vs photoscape. Im a little curious how well general presets will work for all shots from a dive, will have to do some experimenting. thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Yep, saw that in #3 and see it now in #5 in several spots across the school. I need to incorporate histogram review more vs just relying on a quick check of the tiny display post shot. I typically only use lightroom for ambient shots, I will occasionally take a RAW and see if the result from LR is different than the jpg. My usual flow is photoscape for whitebalance and crop and then PS if there's any nuisance backscatter. I will see what adjusting highlights in LR results in for #3 and #5, once again appreciate your feedback!
  7. Thanks Tim, I appreciate the feedback. I made sure this trip to bump shutter speed up to 1/500 and stop down to f8 (compact) but clearly I should've stopped down further in hindsight after seeing the sunball exposures from first couple dives. Any other obvious flaws or areas of improvement you see in these? I need to improve strobe placement I think for some of the wider foregrounds particularly for verts. Thanks again
  8. Recently back from Key Largo, here's a few of my favorite photos. Sunballs (from shallow water) are still pretty tough, any tips to reduce the overexposure of the sun and generally improve them are appreciated. Link to album: https://flickr.com/photos/skeptic14/albums/72157719486875943
  9. IMO you'd be better off spending maybe more now on the strobes vs less now and ending up upgrading. If you think you'll ever do WA or upgrade from the TG6 the s2000 power level strobes (20 and less with diffuser) might not be enough. A good used z240 might fit the bill, if later you could pick up a 2nd one if you ever go dual strobe, depends on how your UW photography interests grow. I started with a tg4 and single ys-03 and quickly outgrew that light output level, but I mostly do WA.
  10. An example photo would also help get an idea of what might be happening.
  11. One thing I find is that with a WAL even when you think you are close you can probably get closer. Typically the first dives on a trip compared to my last, I'm just not as close as I could've/should've gotten for a lot of the photos. Being close enough and being lower than the subject seem to me to be the first concepts to master with UW photography because the impact once mastered are huge. Oh yeh, and super clear water with interesting subjects doesn't hurt either!
  12. @Spizeck I started out with a TG-4 myself, nice little cameras to start out with I think. Getting constructive criticism is hard... at least I've found that to be the case. So I'll give you my 2 cents, full disclosure I'm not a pro, so take it with a grain of salt. Are you using a wide angle lens for these shots? 1) I've found scorpionfish to be hard to shoot at least to get good shots, I've never found one that allowed me to get a good angle so that the background worked well with their incredible camouflage. Your shot is pretty good, the best shots I've seen of scorpionfish is when you are able to get low enough or the right angle to get water behind them vs reef since they blend in so well. 2)The reef shark is pretty small in the photo, and it's below you. Fast moving subjects obviously make composition tougher, sometimes they'll swim "laps" around an area and you can try to predict where to be for a good shot, some probably aren't as cooperative. If that's your first shot of a shark though it's pretty good. 3)This is my favorite of the 4. Cool foreground subject, diver in the background, good elements for creating an interesting photo! 4)Who doesn't like sea turtles! Sometimes turtles are very cooperative and make getting a face-on shot easy, some of the best turtle shots to me are CFWA ones where it isn't directly head-on but with a slight outward and upward angle. The color in your photos look good, don't really see any distracting things like backscatter etc, for being a self-proclaimed newbie these are good shots!
  13. I recently created an instagram account, @Skeptic14_uw, currently it's mostly my Florida Emerald Coast dive photos as I work chronologically through my albums. Being new to instagram I also recently became aware of repost accounts, not obvious ones, but ones that to me seem to conceal that fact. What are people's thoughts on these? Seems pretty shady to me, particularly when the repost is done very soon after the original post.
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