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  1. My first uw camera was a tg-4 (3 - Rugged Waterproof camera (Olympus tough, etc)), but I also bought the pt-056 housing and a strobe, which is more (1 - compact or fixed lens in plastic housing). So I selected 1 assuming the intent of 3 was being unhoused.
  2. I have thought about doing an uw photography workshop and the Cathy Church one on GC sounds pretty good, perhaps one day! I haven't dived with Clearly Cayman or Sunset divers to compare but Living the Dream is pretty valet, they carry your gear to the back of the boat where they help you in your BC and then one step and your in and then the reverse at the end of the dive. How do Brac and Little cayman compare to GC? Seems the general consensus is they are better, just less topside and adding a puddle jumper over to them after getting to GC. Thanks for sharing your link; seems I had my initial and terminal stoplight parrotfish reversed.
  3. Thanks. I did my boat dives with Living the Dream. I've used them twice now and would use them again, they keep the number of divers low and their boats are very nice. Who do you and your wife dive with typically and what side of the island? Any sites you particularly like? I was very impressed with the shore dive at lighthouse point, will probably do at least one dive there anytime I return to the west side of GC.
  4. FWIW, I followed interceptor121s advice with rx100s a year or so back (his blog is very useful) and picked up a rx100mk2 for half the price of the new mark Vs. I do strictly stills and mostly wide angle and I'm very happy with the setup. This is just a hobby for me too, the camera is much more capable than my skills at this point (moved up from a TG-4) and packing it even with my WAL isn't too difficult.
  5. After a year and a half since diving or doing any underwater photography I took a trip down to GC last week for a few days of diving. It was great being back in the water. I was definitely a little rusty and my technique sloppy for some shots that should've turned out way better, but overall it was a lot of fun getting back into this hobby. All feedback and comments welcome. https://www.flickr.com/photos/skeptic14/albums/72157678195891877/with/47826829311/
  6. That's what I was thinking, pulling a strobe back and pointing it out would be much quicker; thanks for the tip.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion; I will look for an opportunity to try that technique next dive. Is varying output of the two strobes a good way generally for creating more depth in photos?
  8. Planhead Filefish Destin, FL TG-4, UWL-04, YS-03, YS-D2 light amount of post-processing (color correction and cropping) During the dive I felt I nailed the shot when I took it; the filefish gave a decent angle as I was slowly moving into position. When I first reviewed I was pretty excited, it was sharp, clear and had good color. But quickly, other shots from the day usurped it as more memorable or interesting. It could be too closely cropped with too dark a background, not a dramatic enough upward angle, or perhaps just the scenery and subject are themselves forgettable. It just doesn't seem to go beyond a good "fish id" shot. All comments and feedback welcome. Thanks
  9. Nice report and excellent photos, thanks for sharing!
  10. What flash mode is set in the tg-4, do you have any exposure compensation set?
  11. Very cool, the hammerhead is my fav.
  12. I really like the yellowtail snapper. Looks like your using a sealife micro? Does it have an external strobe or are you using onboard flash?
  13. For sharp photos you have to make sure you aren't shooting through a lot of water column. Also, your photos will be sharper with better lighting, as you go deeper and continue to shoot ambient and use a filter you have less light to work with. Adding a strobe(s) and maintaining good proximity should improve how sharp your photos come out.
  14. You said you decided to buy a strobe, have you used it yet? The rx100 and g7x are more advanced compacts with better manual control and larger sensors for increased dynamic range that will increase your picture quality potential, but I don't think you've maximized the potential of your current camera. Your shark picture isn't bad but it looks like you were shooting through a decent amount of water and cropped it significantly. How close were you? Also, the deeper you go shooting ambient only the tougher it gets to get good results, how deep was that shot taken? Both suggested cameras are good, but it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself shooting with a strobe with your current camera before making the move. I think you'd see more improvement learning to use your current camera with strobes vs shooting ambient only with the rx100 or g7x, and you can always move to the new camera in the future and have a strobe for it already.
  15. Is a mirrorless really going to produce noticeably better images than an rx100 with a 1" sensor?
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