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  1. Hello, I am currently using a Canon G16 with a Nauticam housing and would like to invest in a wide angle lens. I am going diving with whales in Australia in the coming weeks and I want to make sure I have good shots. I could read online that I have 2 options: Inon S100ZM80 with dome or Dyron super wide angle. Would you know which one is best? Is it truly going to make a difference from not using a wide angle lens with my G16? Many thanks for your opinion. Helene
  2. Thanks for these details. I think I understand now. Just need to play a little bit with the equipment to put it in practice. I was indeed in pigmy seahorse and other macro dreamland (Wakatobi in Sulawesi) when I was advised to acquire the CMC ;-) Not a bad acquisition, I just needed to fully understand how it works and I thank you for your patience to explain me.
  3. Thank you all for your help on this. I may need a bit more help from you to explain some terms. I am just beginning and do not fully understand all the technical terms (focal length, focus distance, etc). I will get there but just need a little bit more help :-) Here is what I understood: - The reflection was caused by the position of the strobe. - The vignette is seen because I did not have enough zoom in to get a tiny detail of the large nudibranch or the nudibranch was too large to have it in full using the CMC I understand this and I am very grateful for the explanations you sent, thank you. Here is where I need more help from you: - What does the minimum focus distance mean vs. the use of the zoom? It is 10mm without CMC and 59 mm with CMC. Does it mean I can get the same level of details with the CMC being a bit further away from the subject, at 59mm? Does this distance imply using the zoom or not? I just tried and I can be closer that 59 mm with the CMC with a zoom in. - 19mm frame width using CMC: does it mean that any subject larger than 19mm will not fit entirely in the frame? Is this distance using the zoom or not? Without the CMC, it can get to 30mm which I also do not get since I can easily fit a shark in the frame. I assume this is therefore implying using the maximum zoom in? Here are the details of the pictures I posted above: - xeno crab: focal length = 9.89 mm - shrimp: focal length = 9.89 mm - nudibranch: = 7.59 mm Apologies for my ignorance and all my questions! I am very keen to understand all this as this is the only way I will understand how to best use my equipment. Once again, many many thanks for your patience and time! Helene
  4. Thanks all, it makes sense! I will zoom in further and will try to play with the position of the strobe. I find it very hard to position it with a subject being only 1 centimetre away from the lens. Would you position it very close and behind the front of the CMC, in the centre, or would you extend the arms to put it further away? Again, thank you all for your insight, much appreciated!
  5. Hi, Attached is a picture using the CMC when I do not zoom in. A "black tube" appears in the picture. Are you always supposed to fully zoom in when using a diopter? Many many thanks for all your help everyone, much appreciated! Helene
  6. The problem when I zoomed out is that I had a "black tube" appearing on the outer parts the images. Would you know how to avoid that? I am using a flip diopter holder. Hoping you can help me Thanks
  7. Hi Tursiops, Many thanks for the tips. I will try moving the strobe behind the camera. As for the CMC, if I do not zoom enough, there is a black tube appearing around the picture (distance between the 2 lenses as I am using a flip diopter holder). To avoid having this, I am forced to zoom to about half way through the maximum zoom point. Is this normal? Sorry for all my questions, I really want to fully understand how to correct my mistakes :-) Thank you,
  8. Hello, I have a Canon G16 with a Nauticam housing and recently acquired a Nauticam Compact Macro Convertor 1 as well as a single strobe Inon Z240. I am hoping you can help me with some questions I have using the CMC-1. 1. Circular mark in corner of pictures (please see pics attached) Every time I use the CMC, a bright circular shape appears in the corner of my pictures. Would you know what is causing this? Could it be the position of the strobe which is reflecting on the lens? I have to be very close to the subjects when I use the CMC and need to point the strobe very close to the lens. Could that be the issue? 2. Distance to subject How close are you supposed to be to the subject when using the CMC-1 with a compact camera? I usually have to be about 1 to 2 centimetres close which I find too close. What do you think, is this normal? Many thanks for all your help! Helene
  9. Hello!! My name is Helene, I am French and I have been living in Hong Kong for the past 2.5 years. I spend all my holidays diving around Asia in amazing dive sites. I recently started to take underwater photography more seriously following an amazing diving holidays in Sulawesi (Indonesia) which was fantastic for macro photography. I am still a beginner but I truly enjoy it and I hope I can learn lots of tricks from experienced photographers in this community. I have a Canon G16, a Nauticam housing and I recently acquired a Nauticam CMC-1 and a single Inon Z240 strobe. I posted a few of my pictures on a blog I recently created: http://heleneuw.blogspot.com Feel free to check them out and share your opinion! Many thanks! Helene
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