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  1. I am looking to buy a Nauticam 140mm Glass Dome Nauticam part # 36048 for Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens, with NO scratches on Glass.......... PM me Thanks
  2. Hi EJ: This is actually a really clean looking and well shot video for th Panasonic GH 4 . Were you using a color correction filter in front of or behind the lens to get a good manual white balance? Or do you shoot the Pan 7-14mm with out a red filter and just have a good stored Manual white balance?? Regards Steve
  3. REally nice video!!! Looks like you also had some good luck with visibility on some of the days, beautiful Whale shark footage! What type of port and diopter did you use with the 12-50mm lens??
  4. If you havn't sold everything..........Can you please show what is available now and what the total package price would be price
  5. Barry: How did your Cozumel footage turn out? I'm really sorry to hear that you have had bad luck with one of your housings......the ever present risk of UW housings!!! Ive lost one sony video camera and had a couple of minor floods in Nikonos that I was able to save with fresh water and hair driers, super Lucky!!!!
  6. Hi Barry: Thnaks for the advise on how you think would be best to use the Gopro 3D UW, without a doubt using the Gopro silver 4 as a monitor will be best for framing the scene and getting some really nice footage. The lack of a good viewfinder is without a doubt the Gopros weakest link, I have been shown umpteen shots of UW Gopro footage thats completely forgettable for lack of being able to frame the shot well. I think to begin with I am going to mount it on the my Gates housing, I have used housings that are light , small, mid weight and heavy and there is something to said for a lot of mass in giving stability for really smooth video if your movimg either finning or going with the current. When I here about how your fin invention turns out, if your really happy with it , I may change. Water does help in smoothing things out. The Sony TD-10 I use has great image stabilization, however on land several times I have shot the same scene hand held and also on a tripod and the results are MUCH BETTER on a tripod, actually I have quit shooting hand held because the loss in quality is that much. Shooting the same camera in 2D the results are great hand held!! Just the slightest bit of degradation in the 3D footage makes the results on the big screen a lot less nice. The Sony A7 you bought will be a real adventure to use, they are extraordinary!!! The sensors they have are almost like science fiction, it makes you think ............what will we have in 4-5 years time. Are you also into Astrophotography with telescopes?? Best Regards , Steve
  7. Hi Barry: Thats really great that the GoPros have two range limits for the iso settings. I am a huge non-fan of high iso usually on my DSLR's my max is about 400 and usually 90% of the time I have the iso pegged at 100! Im a die-hard film guy and try to get it right the first time and with the best quality, without having to resort to excessive post work. UW video is a bit different from stills with all the water variables, clouds going over and changes in currents that really affect the quality of what we shoot in a large and uncontrollable way. That will be interesting to hear from you about your use of a GoPro Silver 4 as a monitor once you come back from your dive trip. Before you told me this I was thinking about using a 20mm Nikonos viewfinder . Both will probably work fairly well they just will need some finetuning in the field. Have you ever taken the Gopro 3d housing down alone , that is, not fixed to your big housing? Is the video horrible like that??
  8. Hi Barry: Thats good to hear that you can use the the Dual GoPro set-up all the way down to 50-80 feet, thats actually amazing, I wonder if they just automatically raise the iso or gain-up, if there is such a thing as gain internally on these little cameras, they really are amazing to be able to do this.Next week Im going to the NAB show here in Vegas( I live here also, now) GoPro usually has a big exposition there I will ask them some of these more intricate questions,there should be someone there to answer.That will be interesting to see how your invention for a UW stabilizer will work this summer, I was thinking of mounting it to my Gates housing or just taking it down solo and floating as still as possible as I film, plus also putting a small line level on it so the video is at least not tilted , thats the main reason I have never bought one the lack of a good LCD or Viewfinder. Once Im able, Ill try to watch your videos, , I dont have a HTPC, usually I just load what need watching on a Western digital Media player and most all formats work ....however I have never tried 3D You Tube videos , Ill let you know if they work, although with YouTube downressing and there compression, Im sure the video is FAR from the quality of your original edit. today I bought my first Gopro it was originally bought in Jan 2014!!! We shall see how it pairs with the next one!! Best Regards Steve
  9. Hi Barry: Trying to define what is a good 3D effect is hard, I think it really depends on taste however I also like a bit of pop-out once in awhile, with my land 3D Im trying to aquire a mental library of whats really good and there are alot of variables to what makes a scene stunning aside from just the normal criteria, but I think reef scenics have tobe just about perfect as long as your at the right place at the right time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not that easy in real life even for 2D video!!! Thanks also for all you recomendations on how to shoot good 3D UW, I can see it will also be a real challenge to master, I think maybe I'll start off with doing some shallow shoredives so there is no time preassure to be back on the boat plus Ill get the bright light from being close to the surface, after putting a red filter on and having a F2.8 lens on the GoPro I imagine the video falls apart fairly fast at depth, unless you have squeaky clean water and a cloudless day! Thanks also for the heads -up about the GoPro 3+ blacks , thats going tobe a challenge, I was planning to buy on Ebay, I may end up a major Gopro seller after all is said and done!! But at least you warned me , I will now know what to look for and not get too discouraged thinking it was a problem with the housing or just not a worthwhile to continue on for lack of quality, Many thanks once again, you have been really helpful, Sincerely Steve P.S. I saw just a bit of your videothe shark scene was really nice at the beginning. I am having super slow internet now once it gets fixed I'll watch it all, can it be seen on a Panasonic or sony 3d TV?
  10. Hi Barry : Thanks again for the info, it sounds like you have really done a lot of experimenting. I have read many totally conflicting reports about the way GoPro uses their sensors for 1080 and 2.7K recording and also for the change of field of View from 170 degrees to 120 degrees, do you see a better 3D effect with mid or Wide (170 DEGREE) angle when shooting 3D or is the quality and effect the same , just a different perspective?? You have given me alot of impulse to try UW 3D again!! Yesterday I bought a Dual 3 Gopro housing and the red filter......... now I have to buy both the GOPro 3+ Blacks. Once I get them I'll have to try them out in a pool before our next dive trip!!! Regards Steve
  11. Hi; I cant find the direct Gopro link but there are actually two filters one a red filter for blue water and a Magenta one for green water , they can usually be seen offered on Ebay...........Regards Steve
  12. Hi Barry: Thanks for your helpful answer!! I see above that you prefer to shoot in 2.7K in Protune mode with both medium (127 degree), and wide ( 170degree) FOV . After all the video you have taken in warm clear water what setting give you the sharpest and best resolution video, and also which gives you the best 3D effect when seen on the big screen. I have a 50in Panasonic that is my acid test. Do you ever shoot 1920x108060P in Protune?? I have a modified Gates Housing that I always shoot 1080P60 with a Panasonic triple chip camera and the results are excellent, however I have to do a bit of a run around using the program MuliAVCHD to process after rendering in Sony Vegas 10E so the footage can be seen as real 1080P60using the AVCHD 2.0 protocol. The newer Panasonic and Sony blue ray players accept this. Regards Steve
  13. Hi Barry:First off that's great that you are still posting here, I also really have an interest in 3D but so far mostly only land based. I'm also interested in your 3D GoPRO setup, I took a Sony TD-10 to Raja Ampat a couple of years ago, with a modified equinox housing but was not to impressed with the my footage and the narrow angle of view. Do you recommend using a red filter with the Dual gopro 3+ Black set-up? Is it possible to set the GoPro 3+ Blacks to a white balance at depth??? Thanks Steve N.
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