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  1. Do you have more details on the housing/strobe/accessories? I already have the camera.
  2. I just bought a refurb RXM100M2 and will be getting the nautical housing for it. Is the WWL-1 an overkill for this set up?
  3. Hi Folks, Would like to acquire the Nauticam Housing for the RX100 M2. Let me know if you are selling
  4. Awesome, thanks bought the first part of the rig: a refurb RX100 M2. Now time to find a housing. Do you happen to know what apart from wetpixel is a good place to find discounted housings? I am sort of leaning towards a Nauticam. BUT it is like 2X the price of the cam so I'd be buying it purely for the usability factor, I think.
  5. All, I am a new Diver (~50 dives) wanting to get into UW photography. I have my own SLR (D7000) and a Consumer Cam (Fuji X100S) that I have been using on land for a few years. I am looking to buy a new setup to do underwater photography and would love some advice: Based on my research, it looks like it will be outrageously expensive for me to get housing + lenses for the SLR. I can't find any housing for the X100S. So this brings me down to buying a compact. Looking at this, my choices appear to be around Sony RX100. I am pretty new to Wet Lenses and I was wondering if someone could comment on what I would gain by getting the MK4 vs the MK3 or even the MK2. Note that I am optimizing purely for photography. I will probably get a GoPro in a year or so for 4K video so the MK4's Video capability is not that interesting. However, since this is a huge investment, I'd like to make sure I get as photography bang as possible, especially for the UW use case. However, I read a thread on this forum saying that the MK2 would be superior to the MK3 or MK4 because one would require a port for wet lenses (I don't quite completely understand that but I am still investigating) I am also open to other cameras, preferably fixed lens. Cheers E
  6. Hi Folks, I live in NY and I have been diving for a few months (~ 50 dives) and photographing on the land for a long while; I am think I am finally at the stage where I'd like to investigate pictures underwater!
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