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  1. Thanks very much everyone for the replies. And no problem, Tim, with the hijack - I'd also be interested in opinions of the Turtle, even just as a manual mode trigger. I'm going to try the various options suggested to get more light to the optical cables - starting with the tin-foil lining of the housing and possibly, eventually, resorting to butchering the trigger to move the LEDs closer to the optical cables. When the camera is installed the LEDs look to be about 10 mm behind the optical cable connections and close to the inside top of the housing. Inside of housing... Outside of housing...
  2. Hi all, I wonder if I'm a complete idiot and there's something obvious that I'm missing, but my LED flash trigger won't trigger my TS-D1 and YS-D2. I have the Aquatica AD500 with the optical ports for the flash trigger. The trigger fires my strobes just fine when the camera's out of the housing but not when it's in the housing. It looks to me that this is because the LEDs on the trigger are a long way off lining up with the optical ports on the housing when the camera is installed - so that there's little or no light from the trigger LEDs actually traveling along the optical cables. The flash trigger part number is 18956, which seems to be for the Sony a7 II, a7R II & a7S II (doesn't mention Nikon D500). Could I have the wrong flash trigger? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Geoff
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