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  1. Had this for sale a year ago or so but took it down and used it a bit more. Up for sale again now. The list is below, looking to sell asap so make an offer and lets get you in the water. The only thing you need to add to this is handles, the handles I had are broken so not part of the sale. This is the surf housing back so it will only go to 50 feet, they sale the dive back for I think $600 that will take you down to 200 feet. Everything is in good shape except the dome. It has a mark inside the dome that can be fixed if you need, I never had an issue with it in terms of photos but I have discounted the dome in the kit overall to a very low price to make up for it. (Photo Below) Nikon D500 Housing + Surf Control Back Ikelite 8 Inch DL Dome Ikelite DL 42mm Port Extension Ikelite to Sea & Sea Sync Cable Shipping is free in the Lower 48, not looking to ship out of the country. Payment is via my business. I can send you an invoice for the goods and upon payment, I will ship them out. If you want to do PayPal then you must also pay the fees on top of the total price. Asking $1200 OBO for the whole kit.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, I will have that updated in the next few days with new images.
  3. Bump. Kit still for sale - Make Offer
  4. The whole kit still for sale. Looking to sell before summer starts.
  5. Still for sale, Make an offer. Great kit for someone who wants to start small with a shallow water dive housing and move up as time goes by.
  6. Strobe sale is pending right now. Will update post once sold.
  7. This whole package has been sold. Thank You for looking.
  8. Please email me for photos, I have no clue how to post photos, sometimes it gives me an option but most times it does not. Russell@darktidephoto.com
  9. D500 housing still for sale, make an offer. Looking to move it soon.
  10. Price Drop on Camera - $2400 for camera $450 for housing Buy both and its $2700
  11. Bumping this ad, going to be out of town for a few days. Looking to move the kit. Make an offer and lets talk.
  12. Picked up a GH5 at the end of last year to do some work, that job is done time to move on to a few other things so now my camera is up for sale. Looking for a quick sale so the price is low for sure. I don't want to split the camera stuff. The housing I will sell separately if wanted. Shipping in the lower 48 is free. Payment will be via an invoice through my company ( Invoicing is done via Quickbooks) GH5 Kit - $2500 The camera is in good shape, some marks on the body. The warranty from best buy was bought in Dec. when I got the camera and is good for one year and can be moved to someone else so they can use it. GH5 Body w/ VLOG Update Metabones MFT to EF Speedbooster S version Smallrig GH5 Cage with Metabones support Two 64 GB San Disk SD Cards Warranty with Geek Squad until Dec 2018 1 Panasonic Battery 4 Off Brand Batteries 1 Panasonic Battery Charger 2 Off Brand Dual Battery Chargers SeaFrogs Kit - $500 New this was $620 with shipping so save a bit of money on this housing. Works really well for what I used it for. Handles that are shown in the photo do not come with the housing. Those go to an Ikelite housing. SeaFrogs GH5 Housing + Flat Port SeaFrogs Dome Port for Housing If you buy everything then I'll do it for $2900. Looking to sell soon. Feel free to reach out.
  13. Bump on Housing Still for Sale though Im back to selling all of it. Comes with the following Ikelite D500 50ft DL Housing Ikelite 8 inch DL Dome ( 7/10 - There is a tiny mark inside the dome from a lens cap falling in, cant see in photos) Ikelite 42mm Port extension Ikelite Vacuum Pump Dual Handles (One it comes with plus extra one) Extra Parts like Oring and Lubes Hard case to Store it in Make an offer looking to sell soon. The housing can be upgraded to Dive Housing by buying the 200ft backplate from Ikeltie, that's all that is needed.
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