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  1. Fluorescent pictures and movies like the one below can be taken without a separate filter. It is the best of existing FLUORESCENCE LIGHTS. Condition is A + good. Four times in water. Includes all components (body, battery, charger) We sell two together. The new price is $ 3,390. Sales are sold two total $1500. Paypal or wire transfer available Worldwide Free Shipping www.younghunkan.com Justkay9@gmail.com Product Specifications: Variable power with 5 power settings 80 ° coverage in water (110 ° in air) Speckle free, soft beam pattern Weight 0.7 kg, 0.22 kg in water Rated to 200 meters 48 Wh rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack with charge indicator UV (400 nm)
  2. I sell it after 10 uses in water. It is an A+ level condition. Vacuum valves are installed and other accessories are listed below. For fast sale. Sold to $ 4000 including the full list. Free shipping worldwide, payment can be made by paypal or wire transfer. The set I sell is shown below. 1. Nauticam NA-SHOGUN Underwater Housing SKU: na-17904 $4150 2.Nauticam HDMI Cable (A-D) in 0.75m Length (For Shogun) SKU: na-25071 $350 3. Nauticam HDMI Bulkhead with Integrated Cable and Type D Connector SKU: na-25070 $350 4. Nauticam Atomos Shogun Housing Mounting Adapter for NA-A7 Housing SKU: na-17952 $150 5. Nauticam Atomos Shogun Mounting System SKU: na-17951 $750 6. Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve System: Pushbutton Release SKU: na-25625 $210 7. Nauticam Tripod Mounting Plate for NA-A7 and NA-GH4 Housings SKU: na-17954 $450 8. Nauticam Monitor Hood for Atomos Shogun Housing nau.17914 $180 www.younghunkan.com justkay9@gmail.com
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