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  1. Is the olympus and housing still available? I am very interested
  2. Hey Jim-I just sent you a message. I am interested but I also shy away from Sony due to the expensive lenses and I think I would like something with a little higher megapixels. However....I am still interested , so let me know what you are willing to sell it for! In general, I am still mainly interested in trying out an Olympus system....anyone out there wanting to get rid of their olympus om-d em-1?
  3. Hi All, I am on the hunt for a mirrorless camera and underwater setup. I primarily want to use it for shooting stills and macro on coral reefs, in kelp forests and in tide pools; however, I would also like to use the camera above water occasionally The cameras I am most interested in are the: Olympus om-d e-m1 + Nauticam housing + 60 mm macro lens and 12-40 pro lens Olympus om-d e-m5 Mark ii Panasonic Lumix gx8 I am also interested in the Sony alpha a7ii but that might be a bit out of my price range. Does anyone have a used mirrorless camera with lenses, an UW housing, ports etc. that they are looking to sell? If not a full setup, I want to start piecing it together so I am interested in any mirrorless camera bodies, lenses, housings, etc. Thanks for all of your help! -Heather
  4. Hi Everyone, I am Heather. I am originally from Texas but I haven't lived there for over ten years now! I started diving when I was 12 in the Cayman Islands and I was hooked...so I decided to become a marine biologist. I did my graduate research in French Polynesia and I have also worked in California, Hawaii and Florida. Currently, I am transitioning from a career in science to a career in art so checkout my photography, sculptures, drawings, and paintings @NaturallyAdrift. I have always used the little waterproof point-and-shoots for my research and personal use and I have finally gotten fed up with the lack of quality and resolution! Thus, I am on the hunt for a mirrorless setup to finally step up my photography game. In addition, I am going to be in Thailand for a couple months starting in late May and I just can't miss this opportunity to get some great photos! Whew, well that was a long-winded introduction. Thanks for listening and if anyone has any suggestions on a good mirrorless setup for a beginner who loves macro and wants a camera that will allow for growth over many years...I am all ears! Thanks guys and excited to start exploring the forums on WetPixel! Cheers, Heather
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