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  1. haha indeed. But being in the underwater market, you have got used to overpriced toys.
  2. Indeed the Inon dome has a metal dome shade as well, I've not attached it for the photos. I don't think Olympus had any other chance than "allowing" us to use the old domes. They haven't developed any new dome, which is capable of holding the Pro lenses they sell - 12-40,7-14 and 8 fisheye. So their workaround was to create an adapter for the DSLR E-domes. I would be more than happy to purchase newly designed parts instead of the adapter, which costs 130 euro + dome. The PT-EP13 was not really consistent with the PT-EP08 and PT-EP11, since it didn't allow dome changes, without unscrewing bolts and breaking the warranty. You can easily see what was the available accessory chart. Good that they are not continuing with the same trend with PT-EP14 for the EM1 MKII.
  3. I don't think the current design can sustain the additional weight for the strobes. It is more like feel of the underwater photography and checking if I should invest so much in it.
  4. exactly. My next project is to create the Olympus zoom gear
  5. I've missed this announcement. So that's more than great. Tthe adapter PAD-EP08 can be still used for all the E domes on the market. Good, that OIy decided not to go with the PT-EP13 stupidity.
  6. I've just bought the Inon and looks fantastic. Please check the photos on the dome + lens + 2inch extender in the other thread
  7. I know that there will be Olympus underwater case for that. Let's see what domes standard will it use.
  8. I found PER-02 for cheap in ebay, since on the most places it is deprecated product. Here how it looks on 7mm and 14mm focal length with the 170mm Inon dome:
  9. Hi, I am new to this hobby and some of the prices just seem like an extortion to me. Since I don't know how much I want to invest in the future and soon I will be able to test my diving photography in Palau, I wanted to use some cheap solution for tray and handles. On the market the cheapest trays cost more than a €100 and moreover I have to order them through Internet. Thus I decided to make my own, which costed me less than 10 euros. All the solutions I found in internet use PVC pipes, which are bulky and since I am flying I will not have so much space in my suitcase. My camera, dome and case weight approximately 3 kilograms. I bought 1 meter galvanized aluminium stick, with 25mmх2mm ( width, thickness) - from the nearby hardware store it costs around €1.50. I bought 0.5 meter pipe for handles - €2. Then I drilled two holes with 6.5mm drill, very slightly bigger than the tripod hole. Then I cut the extra lenght of the aluminium rod and curved it. I put the pipe over it, it strengthens the grip And I finally filled the pipe with polyurethane foam for the pipe not to slip, as well for the better buoyancy, because of the trapped air inside. The end solution is the following: I hope that helps to the people who don't want to spend thousands of euros in gear.
  10. thetrickster, quite nice photos. I see that some of them are without strobe. Can you tell me if 7-14 is fine for taking photos near the surface without a strobe ?
  11. Guys, do you have some updates ? I am planning a trip in November and am planning the whole adventure over kayaking several days at the Rock Islands and diving into the Jelly Fish lake.
  12. I don't see anything wrong, except that you will need an extension ring. The issue is not the lens width, but the length - you need to extend the distance between the housing and the dome in order to fit 7-14 f2.8 Pro and to be able to zoom. I am currently doing the same setup, which Wapiti has described - Inon dome + extenders, since the zen dome is a bit more expensive. But the issues are similar with your setup. BY the way, last time I've contacted Phil Burghardfrom from Zen Underwater at glass@zenunderwater.com. He was really helpful to all my queries on compatibility and how to fit whatever setup I want.
  13. But what is the problem with the Zen dome? You just need an extender, everything else will fit.
  14. Are you looking for the olympus 7-14 f2.8 pro lens?
  15. Few days ago the european market hydronalin raised the price of the Inon 170 mm port. Quite demotivating. Now I am considering the option to get the Sea&Sea NX Compact Dome (half the price of Inon since it is acrylic), with the S&S RDX Port Base L and the Extension ring 40L. The Sea&Sea dome seems more curved than the Inon, but it has some good reviews in Internet. Wapiti, can you let me know which 2'' extension was enough for your setup - PER-E01 or PER-E02. PER-E02 seems to be quite pricey as well, which is not justifiable with the 2cm more material used.
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